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6 bedtime hacks to wake up with beautiful skin

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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When our skin radiates glow, we feel mentally and physically confident. Our skin undergoes a lot of wear and tear during the day time. It is forced to experience dirt and dust all the time. It tends to lose the glow it started the day with. The night is the right time to pamper our skin with skin care activities. Such activities targeted towards skin care help us repair the skin that is damaged due to the stress it has undergone during the daytime. Let us have a look at six bedtime hacks to wake up with a beautiful skin in the morning.

1 Removing the Makeup is a must

bedtime skin care routine

Removing the makeup worn all throughout the day time is a must before going to bed. Your skin was choking with the makeup on and disallowing it to breathe freely during the night time may make its suffering worse. Ensure every bit of the makeup is completely removed with the help of makeup removal pads available for the purpose. Use Makeup removal liquids or your DIY liquids for removing makeup in the night times. Olive Oil is one of the best ways to remove makeup during bedtime.

2 Cleanse

skin care at bedtime

Using a high-quality cleanser to remove the makeup is a must follow habit. Makeup removers do not clean the skin altogether. Dirt that lies on top of the pores in the skin needs to be gotten rid off, and cleanser effectively does this. Unless this dirt is cleaned off from the skin, removing the makeup is of no real use. Understand your skin type and go in for a cleanser suiting the same. Clean your skin thoroughly using the cleanser after removing the makeup from the same.

3 Moisturize

skin care bedtime drink

Moisturizing the skin during the night time is one of the best treatments you skin deserves to have. After cleaning the skin with the help of the cleanser that suits your skin, use a night cream to moisturize the same. Night creams and day creams differ from each other since night creams do not contain the SPF element that is present in the day creams. Night creams are usually thicker than day creams and do wonders on the skin when applied by the bed time.

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4 Under Eye Cream

skin care bedtime ideas

Night is the best time to get rid of the dark sagging skin underneath the eyes. When under eye creams are used over the thin skin surface under the eyes, they tend to work on the dark circles. They help you get rid of the puffy looks that your eyes tend to get because of the sagging skin underneath the eyes. Apply a good quality under eye cream and massage gently for a few seconds. This will not only make the eye bright looking the net day but also help you sleep well in the night time.

5 Face Mask

skin care bedtime routine

Enriching your skin with a fitting face mask available in beauty outlets or DIY ones will make your skin looking glowing. Apply a face mask at least twice a week, so the skin retains the effect easily throughout the week’s period. Facemasks make your skin look young and supple.

6 Sleep

skin care before bedtime

Sleeping at least 6 to 7 hours per day is a must to have a healthy young looking skin. Good sleep is capable of revitalizing the skin providing it the best health possible.

Let your skin enjoy the above luxury. Amaze yourself and others everyday morning with the awesome skin you wake up with.

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