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Weirdest Habits Of Your Favorite Celebrities

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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The habits of a human being describe his nature. At the same time, it also puts him under a pile of judgment from the people living with him and his society. Some people see these habits as a good way of living life and others don't. People's viewpoints completely changes towards an individual by looking at his habits. It also describes the background of a human being and the place he belongs to. Here are a few celebrities whose weird habits made them a topic of controversy -


Steve Job, who is the man behind the success of Apple, has been the topic of discussion for his strange behavior. He has got the habit of eating day and night. He keeps eating the same fruit for many days as he thinks its a good start to dieting. The weirdest thing he does is dipping his feet in toilet water.


There is no doubt that Katy Perry has managed to become a very famous musician of the Hollywood industry. Strangely, she has surrounded herself with a large number of toothbrushes. She carries various types of brooms with her while going for a world tour. She doesn't visit a dentist as she brushes for around six times a day.


Johnny Depp has been the heartthrob of millions for his appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow. His daughter Lily has a habit of playing with dolls, and in a strange turn of events, Johnny too has the same interest. He has revealed that this habit helped him to prepare better for his roles in movies.


The 52-year-old actress Sandra Bullock has managed to maintain her hold in the Hollywood film industry. She has a habit of putting ointment near her eyes as she believes that it puts away the problem of dark circles and used the same for the treatment of wrinkles.


Angelina Jolie has done some memorable roles on screen. Many people have been eager to know her diet plan. However, they would be shocked to know that Angelina has got the habit of eating insects. This has been a result of producing her last movie in Cambodia. Even recently, it was seen that her kids were consuming crickets like chips.


The Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan collected billions at the box office. The lead actor, Christian Bale, is one unique superstar who likes to challenge superstitions. He does stunts at his home by breaking mirrors, walking on ladders, and opening umbrellas inside the home. This has been a result of the sudden passing away of his co-actor Heath Ledger.


Catherine Zeta-Jones is still a beauty despite stepping in at the age of 47 years. Many women of her age have a desire to know the secret of her beauty. She has a habit of eating aromatic fruits and uses strawberry instead of toothpaste for brushing her teeth. According to her, strawberry has an acid that prevents tooth decay.


Teri Hatcher is another beauty of Hollywood. People are unaware of the fact that her weird habits have been the reason for her graceful face. She adds old yield in her bathtub water and keeps boozing constantly. She says its an anti-aging treatment.


Stephen King has been known as the "King of Horror," and his books have also been adapted to feature-length films. When asked about the secret of how he writes such good stories, he revealed that he eats s lot of cheesecakes. It is a scientific truth that sugar helps to do a lot of thinking. Stephen also ignores slippery food.


Tom Cruise gained a large number of followers for his popularity as Ethan Hunt in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise. Cruise has recently revealed that the youth look on his face has been a result of applying Nightingale droppings with rice bran and water. He hates the idea of plastic surgery. It's great that someone is promoting the importance of natural things in our life.


Cameron Diaz has been famous for her acclaimed roles on screen. Still, her fans are unaware of the fact that she has the problem of OCD. One of her weird habits has been washing her hands for multiple numbers of times as they come in contact with less as well as more dirty hands every day.


A lot of celebrities are addicted to smoking and drinking. Jessica Simpson is another unique actress who has a habit of consuming chewing gum frequently as it prevents her from smoking. Nicotine played a significant role in her life by changing her body size and maybe led to two pregnancies.


Simon Cowell is known for the awesome tricks he uses to roast people. However, he also has a weird habit, but people love it. He climbs trees every morning, and fortunately, he never fell. People can call it a bit of good luck. He was a victim of bullying, and to save himself, he climbed trees as a result of which he developed this habit.


Demi Moore was able to gain popularity through a large fan base at the beginning of her career. She has a habit of getting her blood sucked by leeches. Demi Moore has described this process as an anti-aging treatment and claimed that Queen Cleopatra also used this during her reign.


Football is one of the famous sports of the United States. He has got a strange attraction to vacuum cleaners. He has a problem that he cannot sleep in silence. There has to be some noise in the background for sleeping purposes and this case. He takes the help of vacuum cleaners.


No one would believe that the Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson also has some strange habits in her day-to-day life. She doesn't dare to watch herself on screen. She says that she is scared to see herself. The reason is still unknown, but sources claim that her aging might be the cause behind this.


Body shape is something we all are concerned about. Mariah Carey is one of them. After pregnancy, she adopted a lot of methods to keep her body in shape. She eats a lot of potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and a large number of purple fruits. In short, she is addicted to colored fruits and vegetables.


There is no doubt that Eminem is one of the top singers of today's music industry. He likes to travel a lot, and between all these, he developed a habit in which he likes to live and sleep in rooms that are dark and soundproof. In fact, before going to a particular place, his assistants personally makes sure that the windows of the place he's going to are covered with tin foil.

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