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Surprising Uses Of Coffee Grounds For Glowing Your Skin and Hair

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > Surprising Uses Of Coffee Grounds For Glowing Your Skin and Hair

Coffee grounds not only add pep to our taste buds but also do a lot of value addition to our external looks. Applying coffee grounds mixed with preferred oil or warm water cleanses the skin and hair from all dirt accumulated on the same. Let us have a look at some of the beauty hacks that can be done using Coffee Grounds.

1 Reducing or eliminating cellulite

coffee beans for skin care

Cellulite is a health condition faced by people of all ages. Cellulite is caused in any portion of the skin that is excessively used. Such excessive usage may be due to various reasons like genetics, spending extended periods of time in sitting posture, prolonged smoking habit, and improper diet. Many types of medications are recommended for getting rid of Cellulite irrespective of the fact whether they are effective or not.

Mix coffee grounds with water and apply twice a week on the areas where cellulite has affected. Clean off after ten minutes with water. Applying this paste four times a week for four weeks will show visible results.

2 Give your skin caffeine bath

coffee based skin care

Your skin is capable of absorbing caffeine easily. You can either opt for a soap rich in Caffeine properties or make use of the Coffee Grounds to make homemade soap. This caffeine bath will make your skin look rich and shining.

3 Face rejuvenation with Coffee Grounds

benefits of coffee in skin care

Coffee Grounds is an excellent facial. Make a paste of Coffee Grounds and Cocoa Powder that is organic. For added effect, heavy cream or three portions of whole milk can be added. Add a table spoon of alpha-Hydroxy or honey to this paste and mix well. Apply to face and leave it as it is for 15 minutes. Doing this thrice a month will make you face glow within two months of usage

4 Reviving your hair is easy with Coffee Grounds

beauty benefits of coffee for skin care

Excessive usage of shampoo will soon make it look dry with the unwanted residual formation. Washing it with old unused coffee grounds will lift its beauty making it regain its shine. Coffee Grounds must be applied on the hair with hands in a complete manner that every hair is covered. Using shampoo after this will give your hair a healthy look. While the coarse nature of the coffee ground removes the residues in your hair, it does not cause any harm to the hair as it is.

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