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Gross Things People Caught Their Roommates Doing

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Those people are very lucky who have their own home. But building a house requires a lot of hard work and honestly, it’s not so easy like it seems to be. When problems arise and people can't manage a shelter for their own, they opt for the renting procedure. This is harder compared to other options. Renting a room comes with a large number of rules and restrictions and sometimes, the roommates are strange. There have been instances where people have found their roommates getting involved in some strange things and sometimes, people have been forced to change their room and shift somewhere else.

You can't tell what you should feel at this point.

I caught my roommate watching me shower. As gross as the thought of him doing that is I was also flattered.

So obvious.

My roommate is so creepy. He constantly stares at me then turns away when I look... I caught him in the dark staring then when I looked he acted like he was picking something up...


Once I saw my roommate licking my vibrator. I never told her I caught her because I don’t know what to say. I wonder if she does that often..

Oh no.

I caught my roommate sniffing my dirty clothes. He did nothing but just turned to me and said I smelled good  🤮 that’s it I’m moving out

Where's the privacy?

Im mortified... I caught my  roommate FaceTiming her dad while going through my bag to show him what I bought at the sex shop...


I caught my roommate having sex with her boyfriend on my bed today...


I caught my roommate staring at my butt while I was changing

Who knows how long this has been going on...

So, I caught my roommate spying on my husband and I having sex. She opened the door to peep in. Its so weird I dont know how long shes been doing it.


My roommate is disgusting, collects dirty dishes and food trash in his bedroom because hes too lazy to clean, and I caught him throwing silverware and dishes in the trash.

The nerve!

My roommate asked to drink my alcohol. I said no. I caught him and my other housemate drinking it. Now theyre giving me the cold shoulder!

Maybe a little?

I caught my roommate sniffing my shorts...should I be concerned?

Just a little weird.

I caught my roommate and his gf sniffing my jock


I caught my roommate wearing my underwear

You're onto her.

I caught my roommate watching me get dressed... she doesnt think I know

Sounds like a blast.

I caught my roommate cheating on her bf early this morning.That was a fun conversation.


I caught my roommate using my sex toy & I didnt know what to say really so I just walked out.

Ok then...

I caught my roommate doing Coke off the toilet seat.

Just back away...

I caught my roommate about to eat out his girlfriend Ive never tried so hard not to make eye contact in my life


I caught my roommate sitting on a plunger

No shame.

I caught my roommate having sex. With my boyfriend. WITH. MY. BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!
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