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Shocking Experiences Of People Who Are Dating Their Sibling's Ex

by Qunki Team | funny
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Sometimes we don't get any warning or sign before we get to meet some new people. In a few situations, we end up meeting someone who has some sort of link in the past with those who are close to us. Among millions of people, there have been some who dated a boy or girl who was the ex of their siblings. In such situations, a person either continues with his decision or simply separates and goes forward in their life when they know about the reason of their partner's break up with their siblings.

Keeping secrets from your sister is never easy.

I dated my sisters ex. Hes become the reason I cant tell her why I cry myself to sleep every night


Ive had sex with my sisters ex and he said that I was better.

Head over heart?

Started to see my sisters ex.Its wrong, but it feels right.

Wow.... no words.

I had sex with my sisters ex and later discovered that were the only two people hes ever slept with. He must love our family.

How do you know he won't do the same to you?

Ive been seeing my brothers ex gf. Its turned into a serious relationship. I dont feel bad about it because he treated her like shit anyway.

Keeping it all in the family...

Ive had sex with one of my brothers ex gfs and another brothers ex wife.

Buckle up. A wild ride ahead.

Im flirting with my sisters ex husband.. Hardcore. Like sexting, the whole deal. And we plan on fucking eachothers brains out soon. I feel all sorts of things.

Boyfriend over family?

Ive been talking to my step sisters ex for about 3 months and plan on moving away with him..

Mistakes, regrets.

I had sex with my sisters ex boyfriend 8 years ago and she still has not forgiven me


I just went on a date with my brothers ex girlfriend. I dont feel bad about it, she was always into me

Complicated love triangle.

Im in love with my sisters ex but hes still in love with her

Talk yourself out of it?

Ive been talking to my brothers ex wife and Im falling for her. I dont know what to do

Secrets, secrets.

I slept with my sisters ex boyfriend. He isnt gay, but he enjoyed every bit.

Must be uncomfortable?

Im dating my little brothers ex-gf without him knowing. Our names are off by a letter and sometimes she screams his name in bed.


I cheated on my fiance with my sisters ex boyfriend. He was hotter than my fiance and I still miss it sometimes

One day, someone will find out.

Ive been dating my brothers ex for the past six months. Neither one of them know. Him especially because my family doesnt know that Im bisexual.

Maybe he did?

I dated my sisters ex boyfriend. We broke up. I cant help but to feel like he did it on purpose.

Is the past ever really in the past?

Is it weird to date your sisters ex from ten years ago??

This is so crazy!

Ive been dating my sisters ex for almost a year and a half. Weirder part is shes the one who set us up.

The heart wants what it wants.

I have fallen in love with my step sisters ex boyfriend. They dated 6 years ago but it was for over a year. I feel like I should feel bad..but I dont.
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