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These People Will Make You Cringe So Hard

by Qunki Team | funny
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1 A Pillow Walks Into a Bar

At least one of them looks happy to be on this date!

2 What is it that we are doing, exactly?

Maybe someone lost the dice? What could have been a nice game of charades is now some kind of fire arms holding party.

3 Who Am I?

When I am trying to find myself, I usually dont imagine the answer coming in the form of some kind of man-mouse cowboy cartoon. That may just be me, though.

4 My Little Confederate Pony

When no prop would have been better than the one you have chosen

5 Social Justice Wizard

I have no idea what a Social Justice Wizard is, but Im pretty sure I dont want to be one.

6 Protest Feminism

But is the problem sexual failure, or your garbage bag cheerleader outfit?

7 No Shave November

Well, thats one way to combat the handlebar moustache.

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