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Old People Who Still Can't Quite Get The Technology Thing

by Qunki Team | funny
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1blame Tom Brady
In A Meeting
Facebook Google
2digital Camera Fail
Beautiful Picture Facebook
3grandma Selfie Fail
Beach Pot Death
Photo Crop Paper Towels
Walmart Help
Walmart Parking
Chicken Casserole Supplies
Eight Years Late
Grandma Iphone
Grandma Text Bukkake
Grandmaser Flash
Grandma Throwing Shade
Hash Mark Sign
Joy Vs The Establishment
Old School Profile Pic Method
Kraft Facebook
Learning To Hashtag
Liked Pic
Mistake To Join
Pharrell Birthday
Phone Girl Aunt
Phone Magnifying Lass
Taking Pics Is Hard
Skyping Parents
Printed Facebook Picture
Tmi Grandma
Tropic Thunder Vets
Trump Potter Minions
Visit The Walmart Office
Old School Selfie
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