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The Funniest Texts From Dads That Will Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | funny
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Dad can be funny at times but their quick answers and creativity level can be so much fun to see. One such scenario is the conversation which has been shown here between ad and their kids that will surely make your laugh out loud. Your dad can be superhero but mind it they have got funny instincts too. So have a look at some interesting funny replies which dad has given to their kids that are unexpected and damn funny too. Make sure for more fun, you read it out with your dad which definitely is totally worth to enjoy.

1 Plot twist, you never had any college savings.


2 Who was he sending that to?


3 That is a damn good dad joke.


4 Fair answer.


5 How could you possibly miss it.


6 The most savage dad joke I have ever seen.


7 I don't understand kids these days.


8 What a total dad thing to do.

9 Just weird dad conversations.

10 wISe wORDs inDEEd.


11 Well, that explains a lot.


12 You can never really realize how much your parents know about you.


13 Just dad trying his best to be cool.


14 Best dad award.

15 Lauren can have dinner too.

16 No wonder.

17 Finally some Dad-Son bonding.

18 They were your age once. They know what you're up to.

19 Wise words.

20 My dad calls me an asshole to my face. Nothing special.

21 Learn to delete stuff, Dad.

22 The tables have turned.

23 All that's missing is a ba dum tsss at the end.

24 They should really update their auto replies.

25 As I grew up, I realized most people smoke weed or have tried it at least.

26 A dad's biggest fear.

27 The sister always gets the best stuff.

28 He definitely is.

29 Pelfie.

30 A dad who has really lived.

31 Over-sensitive kids.

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