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Funniest Tweets From Teenagers That Make You Understand Future Is Funny

by Qunki Team | funny
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The teenagers are usually fun-loving, lively people. They like to spend most of their times enjoying their lives and analyzing their surroundings. These people are also under a lot of pressure because of the expectations of their parents and other people too regarding their future goals and careers. Despite all these hurdles, some of these teenagers find time for themselves and spend it on the social media for sharing their views and opinions. That is why most of the users on social media platforms like Twitter happen to be teenagers. Some of these teenagers also post various funny and hilarious tweets from time to time.

Scary Llama
Teen Tweets Hammer Mouth
Chihuahua Expression
Illegal Love
Youth In Asia
Mom Cock Block
Breakup Photos
Makeup Class
Trex Homecoming
Mona Lisa Keith Urban
Roommate Subtweet
Chicken Nuggets
Taco Bell
Senior Pics
Tennis Wall
Teen Tweets Kid Cashier
Sorry Cake
Hugging Bae
Dog On Fire
Teen Tweets Pattern Shirt
Senior Mulan
Pink Highlighter
College Bathroom
Guy Fieri
Megan Bridesmaids
Scammer Mom
Extra Credit
Here For A Laff
No Pumpkins
Kylie Prostitute
Mom Meme
Terry Crews
Umbrella Shower
Clowns Usain
College Mail
Puma Slides
Black Lives Matter
Mj Son
College Acceptance
Need Bud
Phone Case
Almost Ran Over
Pizza Lighting
I Am Bitter
White Privilege
Sweat Highlighter
Thumbnail Paint
Mom Dog
Target Employee
Hamlet Test
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