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Absolute Dumbest Things People Actually Said

by Qunki Team | funny
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Dumbest Things People Actually Said

Barraco Barner Dumb Quotes
Britney Fish Dumb Quotes
Chicago Skyline
Milk Day
Gone Insane In 60 Seconds
Gay Penises
Green Apples
Chickens Animals Or Birds
Ice Poop
Celery Water
Jayden Smith Eyes Mirrors
Bin Laden Mansion
How Tall Am I
Are Skeletons Real
Millionaire Calculation
Obama Surname
Identity Theft
RIP Grandma Prom
Midgets Night Vision
Pregnant Baby
Arnold Schwarzenegger Gay Marriage
Film Me Youtube
Moving To California
Vegetarian Pizza
Crazy Nature
Laptop Files
Michael Jackson
Stupid Elevator Dumb Quotes
Boys With Eyes
Nail Polish On Teeth
Brooke Hogan Women Voting
Oven Cremation
Brahms Beard
Gay People Feelings
Sloth Cat
Rosetta Stone
Mariah Starving Kids
Not The Mom
Mirror Monitor
Sun Or Star
Rain In Australia
Ban Science Dumb Quotes
Titanic Is Fake
Twins Dumb Quotes
Independent Artists
Space Battles
Donald Trump The Blacks Copy
Troops Afghanistan
What Animal Is Sonic
Trapped On Escalator
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