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Popular Food Myths Debunked: Nutritionists Reveal Food Truths

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > Popular Food Myths Debunked: Nutritionists Reveal Food Truths

Myths about diet have always played havoc with the understanding of ordinary people. As people who get carried away by myths, we tend to blindly avoid certain food items that in fact happen to be good for our health. We live in a period where we interact with the Internet more than real life human beings. The Internet carries loads and loads of information many of which happen to be myths. The more intensely the subject of food myths are handled, the easier we believe and start practicing the same. We wanted to get off with certain myths about food which were minded eating. Out interactions with some of the nutritionists threw lights on many food myths, we have been so far considered as the truths. Let us have a look at some of the myths about food and the facts about the same as revealed by Nutritionists.

1 Potatoes are unhealthy – Is this true?

5 food myths busted

We have been so far informed that Potatoes are unhealthy and regular consumption of the same may lead to the lack of good health. The story is another way round. Potatoes are rich in antioxidant properties owing to the substance called phytonutrients that are found in them says, Dr. Priya Balan. Dr. Krishnan opines that Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium which are essential minerals for the human body.

2 Margarine – Is it bad for health?

5 food myths men's health

The Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) found in Margarine is adequately rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is essentially good for health. This helps in reducing all sorts of inflammation in human beings while helping to lower cholesterol levels in them. Manjari Puranik who is known as the best weight loss expert vouches for the health benefits Margarine can offer to human health when taken adequately.

3 Salt – Should it be avoided?

5 myths and facts about microwaving your food

We have been hearing the medical professionals telling us to reduce on salt so we can avoid getting affected by high blood pressure, Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke. Dr. Nupur Krishnan who is a health expert advice to take salt in the right levels since it enables key organs of the human body function in their best possible manner. Salt helps in the sustenance of hydration levels in the human body.

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4 Eggs – Do they cause any harm?

50 food myths busted

When we asked this question to Dr. Manisha Mehta, she explained the health proportion eggs offer to human beings. The antioxidant properties of Eggs help people get off with their unwanted fat when consumed for breakfast. Eggs possess multi vitamins by nature. The rich nutrients present in eggs add value to the functioning of the human brain.

5 Avocados – Do they add unwanted fat to the body?

7 food myths to stop believing

When we checked about the Fat aspect feared about this fruit, nutritionist Dr. Sahijwani explained the richness of fatty acids present in Avocado. These fatty acids found in Avocados are mono saturated in nature. The abundantly rich potassium levels found in Avocado helps people with high blood pressure get rid of the same. Contrary to the prevailing myth that this fruit will add to the physical weight of human beings, the high levels of Fiber in Avocado aides people in weight loss. It also helps people to lower down their cholesterol levels

6 Wheat Bread – How healthy is this food item?

abc news video food allergy myths

All Wheat Bread cannot be considered as 100% healthy. Those prepared with flour may be detrimental to human health since increases the sugar content in the human body. Such bread does not add any nutritional value to humans at all. Flours, particularly the enriched ones tend to strip off all the nutrient values in the Wheat Bread.

7 Is Soy Milk really a healthy choice?

about food myths

Many people who are highly health conscious choose Soy Milk over other types mainly to safeguard themselves from heart-related ailments. Soy Milk is, of course, low in fat and so heart friendly. However, right from the Carrageenan, Vitamin B12, cane sugar, Phytic Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin A, Riboflavin (B2), Palmitate to Vitamin D2, every ingredient does a different kind of harm to the human body says, Nutritionist Mehta. Notably, the Phytic Acid content found in Soy Milk disables the body’s capability to take over necessary minerals like Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium.

8 Can Granola be considered as a healthy breakfast option?

all natural food myths

Many people around the world have the practice of having Granola as their breakfast believing it is a healthy one. Unfortunately, the fact that Granola is less in Protein and Fatty acids can be disheartening. Puranik, one of the leading Health Specialists advice recommends people stick to Granola which is high in nutritional value and low in sugar.

9 Salad dressings and the real fact

american food myths

Salads are consumed for the high levels of antioxidants named Carotenoids present in the same. Tomatoes and Greens are particularly preferred by people in salads for this reason. When Corn Syrup which contains high levels of Fructose sugar in it is added as low-fat salad dressing, it not only diminishes the health quotient of the salad but also unnecessarily adds to the bad health quotient through the sugars and fat levels.

10 Is Fat free flavoured Yogurt good for health?

ancient food myths

Yogurt is everyone’s favorite. Many among us take flavored Yogurt that tastes fruit like. Health Advisor Dr. Puranik says that flavored fruit Yogurt, in particular, does more harm to health than adding nutritional value to the human body. Be it the various kinds of sweeteners or aspartame or corn soup used in salads, the mind boggling levels of Fructose Sugar it adds to the body is profoundly harmful to human health. Plainly consuming Yogurt without adding any extra attachments to the same is the best way to eat the same.

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