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10 Off-Beat Ways to Entertain A Newborn

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Keeping newborns entertained for the time that they are awake can be a challenging task at times, especially for first-time parents. You might soon reach a state when you run out of ideas and might want to look at other activities beyond reading or singing to them. Also, if you repeat a couple of fun activities for your baby way too many times, there is little chance that the child will learn anything new. Here are some diverse methods to play with your newborn, which are simple, cost-effective, and not extra-strenuous.

1. Plan A Little Trip Inside Your Own House

Newborns are curious about everything they see for the first time. Give your newborn more to grasp by taking the child on a tour of your own home. A simple walk from one room to another raises the baby’s curiosity. Put on the hat of a tour guide to add that extra zeal by explaining every item in the room to the baby, as vividly as you can. This exercise can be beneficial for you as well, as it gives you an excuse to walk (great exercise), and locate lost things in your house that you might have forgotten about.

2. Chores Such as Folding Can Turn into Games

Everyone hates folding laundry items. It is a chore that you probably care about the least. Well, here is your chance to turn it around, and convert it into a fun game for your newborn. Have the baby lying next to you wherever you sit with your laundered clothes, and let the child touch and feel the clothes. It is a good learning exercise for the baby about textures and colors, and you, well, you get the worst job done in the most entertaining way possible.

3. Belly Exercise for Your Baby Is Fun Time

Letting your baby lie on its tummy can prove beneficial for improving the strength of the neck muscles. It can also be a fun exercise if you place the baby on a colorful mat, and add toys around the area. Be careful not to place the baby in this position for too long, as it may get strenuous for the kid.

4. Colorful Objects Are the Easiest to Grab the Baby’s Attention

Gather all your colorful objects that have been lying around the house, for example, clothes, toys, books, sheets of paper, and so on. Hold up each of these objects to a position where the baby can comfortably see it. Wait for the baby to see the object, while you name the color aloud, and then proceed to the next object. Fun and easy, this task is.

5. Developing A Sign Language Is Always A Win-Win

As you go through your everyday chores with the baby beside you, start to develop a common sign language for each activity, and let the baby learn it. For example, you can develop a sign for "feeling hungry," and repeat it often when it is time for the baby to eat. Soon the child will pick it up, and start communicating with you in the same language. A secret code just for you and your newborn, now isn't that fun?

6. Aerobics for the Baby and Smiles for You

Yes, infants need to exercise, too. It is essential for the formation of stronger muscles as they start to grow rapidly. Make it fun by being playful about it. Lie your baby flat on a mat, and move its arms and legs in a manner of enjoyment. The child will love it, and you are bound to have fun, too.

7. Playing the Mirror Game Is the Easiest Kind of Fun

To play this simple yet fun game, hold your baby and stand in front of a mirror. Watch your baby being interested in the extra images that are visible beyond the glass. Easy and highly entertaining as you watch your child laugh and try to catch hold of the extra child and the extra parent in the mirror.

8. Peek-A-Boo Could Become Your Darling’s Pastime

To play a simpler version of this widely popular child’s game, use a toy or your hand to grab the baby’s attention. Move a bit here and there while keeping within the line of sight of the child. Let the baby’s eyes find your hand or the toy. Start over. This fun exercise is immensely beneficial for the baby’s brain development.

9. Combine Sounds from Chores and Games for Your Baby

Who says you cannot go about your daily chores and play with the newborn at the same time? You absolutely can. Let your baby be around you when you vacuum, use a dishwasher, a grinder, or a phone. All these appliances produce different kinds of sounds, and as your baby is subjected to them while you explain the source of the sound, it becomes easier for the child to identify sounds better. You may quiz your little darling after a few chores, and have fun watching them answer in sign language while you get on with your tasks.

10. Walking Out with The Baby Helps in Bonding

Invest in a good quality baby carrier, and go for a walk with your little one in the neighborhood. Explain things that you see around to the child, and watch your baby learn and have fun at the same time. Besides, walking is always refreshing for your body.

Newborns Are So Much Fun

The early days of parenting can be daunting at first, but once you incorporate some of these straightforward fun activities, the amount of joy doubles for both you and your child. The earliest time is the most enjoyable, and so, as a parent, enjoy it to the fullest with your little one next to you.

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