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People Call Him Monkey, Mock and Harass Him. He Is Forced To Live As Animal In Forest.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Although we have read the story of Mowgli living with animals in the jungle, we believe that in real life there is no way to have such a person. But 21-year-old Sansiman Ellie, who lives in the jungles of Africa, is one such example. He was born after Ellie's mother lost five children. They believe that he is the blessing of God, who came after many prayers and offerings. At the same time, the mother is very upset that his behavior is not like that of a normal human being


Ellie, who has difficulty learning, never went to school. He is afraid of other villagers. He lives in the forest near his village in Rwanda. He does not like food made by his mother. Instead, he prefers to eat wild fruits and bananas. Sometimes he feeds on grass. He also has microcephaly. The head of a baby with that disease may be much smaller than expected. His mother says his head was only the size of a tennis ball when he was born. Because of his unusual appearance and lifestyle, cruel natives call him a monkey and make fun of him.

When he could not bear the harassment and abuse of the people, he goes to forest. His mother says that the locals constantly criticize him for his facial expressions and actions. He would walk for hours through the jungle to escape the constant harassment of the natives. Because of this, he learned to run fast and to cling to trees. Sometimes he travels up to 230 kilometers a week. His mother struggles to bring him home. Sometimes his mother tied him with a rope so that he would not run away. He cannot speak or do anything on his own. But can only follow the instructions as they are. Ellie's mother has lovingly cared for her son all these years. Today, however, their situation is worse. Now they are struggling to feed their families

The worst is the abuse of the natives. The mother said neighbors saw her son as an ape, not a human, and were harassing him. “It hurts me a lot. I can't stand to see him beaten. They scold him and call him a monkey. I'm saddened to hear people threaten my son, "the mother continued." Not only the children, but also the adults insult him mercilessly. They do not see him as a human being, he is just an animal to them, "the mother says with tears in her eyes. So he climbs the forest whenever he gets a chance. He seeks refuge in the purity of the forest to escape the cruel behavior of the people. He can live there without fear of criticism or harassment from anyone.

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