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25 Pool Noodle Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

by Qunki Team | lifehacks
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Are the colorful foam pool noodles just a treat for the eyes? With just a few twist and tug, they could become your favorite life hack companion too. Yes, play with the pool noodles around your home to divulge its best useful hack in your daily routine. Not just one or two, there are some series of tweaks in which you may make use of it. Come on, let’s check it out!

1. Wrist Rest

Here comes the top hack of using your pool noodle in saving your wrists from a long day fatigue of using your PC. To get rid of the exhaustion that you pull-off by using your keyboard all day long, you need to first get ready to cut the noodle. Mark the measure where you feel is perfect and take off the length required. Here, the total height is slightly less than the half of the diameter of the full noodle. Or you may try cutting them into half of their diameter, and make a set of wrist rests.

2. Door Bumper

Check out this utilitarian trick that keeps your doors away from banging into a wall or the trim every time you run in and out of it. Take a short section of a pool, cut out a thin slit lengthwise and just thrust it into the door edges. That is it, you are done. You can also make use of these on your gates or cupboards to safe guard the same and also from defacing the walls.

3. Stay-Put Drawer Organizer

People always try to live with those hiccups that never ever have any easy solution. One among such hiccups is the dashing movement of the organizers in your drawers that make your mind jam with no further clarifications.

Here comes the unique remedy to keep your organizers fixed in their place. Just place a pool noodle in the empty area in order to fill the gap and here you go. Make sure you measure the distance perfectly that is to be filled and cut the pool noodle accordingly. The organizers have no way to go but only to listen to you. You may also cut the noodle into halves or as required to make less use of the space by it.

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4. Floating Beverage Pool Barge

Need cool drinks on the go during swimming? You can make use of the pool noodles to make a cheap floating beverage container even in the swimming pool. Try cutting the noodles in short lengths and make it fit on a plastic bin, covering all its four sides. The bin with a lid will be helpful enough to keep the noodles in place. It is also advisable to thread a bungee cord from the center section of the noodles. This will ensure the cord to snug against the edges. Finally, to make it accessible with a handle, tie a section of cord or rope with the bungee. Also make a circle of pool noodle around the handle to make it float that eases its usage too.

5. Vehicle Luggage Rack Protector

To keep your luggage rack of your new SUV safe and scratch-free, you can make use of these pool noodles. If you are in an idea of using your SUV’s luggage rack for transporting any heavy luggage like metallic ladders, then it would be the better choice to utilize these noodles to safeguard your SUV. Just slit the pool noodles along its bottom side and secure them on the rails of the rack. Secure them on all the rails. Now your vehicle is ready to transport heavy packages as much as you require, without any kind of impairments. The cushion inside the pool also ensures the heavy luggage from jangling throughout.

6. Solution for all Door Dings!

Coming across several door dings of your car from opening and slamming on the walls of your garage, this unique hack using the pool noodle will ensure that it never happens again. Yes, use your outgrown pool noodles for this purpose in order to save your car doors from heavy scratches and damages.

Cut the pool noodle into half, as long as it is, and just fit it onto the studs around your garage. This set-up will provide extreme safety for your car doors from banging against the studs of your car garage. You have either option to just fit onto it or you may adhere them using wet cement or a couple of nails. In fact, this would be the permanent solution for the same.

7. DIY Fishing Rod Organizer

This is a DIY kind organizer that you can very well make use for keeping your fishing rods in order. Many people still wonder to find any suitable organizers for keeping their fishing rods sorted with no tangles as well as to access them in ease. But they fail to get the best one out. Here comes an idiosyncratic organizer that keeps your job of organizing fishing rods easy.

You will need a foam swimming pool noodle and a PVC pipe of three inch diameter. Try making holes of diameter 1 inch on the pipe, each spacing a distance of about 4 inches apart. Now using a utility knife, you will have to cut slits on the noodle that are 4 inches apart from each other. Fix the pool noodle on the wall making sure at least two of the slits land over the studs. Now pulling those slits apart, try to slide a fender washer into it and put screws plunging through the noodle with 2 inch screws. Take the PVC pipe and screw it to the wall beneath the noodle at your preferable height. Finally, insert all your fishing rods collection into these slits and you are done. Here you get your fantabulous organizer that is extremely useful and cheap as well.

8. Safest Trampoline Springs

With these pool noodles, you will also get a simple way to cover the trampoline springs. It will be the safest method to safe guard the springs against pinched fingers. For this hack, you will have to cut the pool noodles into sections matching the length of the springs. Now, try slicing the noodle lengthwise and slither them onto the trampoline springs.

9. Simplest method to cut Pool Noodles

Are you wondering to discover a simplest yet effective method to cut these pool noodles into multiple sections? Here is a way by which you can cut lots of pool sections in a simpler method.

All you have to start with is to make three-sided jig out of the respective lumber. By using a hand saw, cut a slot in the noodle after measuring the length required. Cuts should be lengthwise along either sides of the jig. Now place the noodle into the trench formed by both sides and start pushing the blade into the slot to cut. Make sure you do the sawing back and forth to cut these sections of noodles uniformly.

10. Lift Gate Protection

Many people would have come across the scenario of hitting their lift gates of vans or SUVs, to the cross braces of their garage door. Sad, you know what? You can very well manage things not to happen as such at all. Yes, make use of these pool noodles and get rid of the ditches and scratches on both your vehicle and gates.

Try protecting them by making use of a swim noodle as safety foam. Cut slits along the length of the noodle, and just slip it over the braces of the gate. You also have the option of using a pre-slit foam with a piped insulation. When you find the noodle slipping off the braces, you may try using a double-face tape to make it sit in place.

11. Crafty Water Raft

Hey you, get this fun water raft for your adventurous game! Do you know? Rafts that make use of pool noodles will never deflate. Yes, you will get a fantabulous water raft made with cheap materials, using these noodles.

Get five large pool noodles holding a diameter of 4-1/2” along with two medium sized noodles which are 2-1/4” inches in diameter. You will also need 6 ft of PVC pipe that is of ½” inches in diameter. Now start with lashing the five large pool noodles with double half-hitch knots. Try lacing the cord in the center and around all the five noodles. Secure all the noodles together to form a raft. When you reach the final noodle, turn around and lace back them to the first one. Now end the knots again with a double half-hitch knot.

You need to cut the smaller noodles to get three equal lengths that are proportional to the raft. Next, you will have to thread 3 PVC pipes through their holes with the 3 smaller noodles. Through the PVC, thread the noodles using a nylon cord to fix them with each of the short noodles succeeding to the larger ones. To increase its stability and durability, tie one noodle at the end and one in the center of each noodle. Viola! Here is your stiff and taut water rift using pool noodles.

12. Better Highlighting Boundary Marker

Conventional Boundary markers are not effective at all times of the day. It is in the areas where snow coverage is highest, people find increased difficulties in spotting the markers. This will result in damages of either the boundary owner’s property or the vehicles of the trespassers, especially the snowplow drivers, who hit the boundary markers due to the invisibility at night times.

Here is an innovative way as a solution for this specific problem. Boundary markers with bright colored pool noodle will remain highlighted all the time of the day. Regardless of the area’s weather, it remains unaltered doing its speculated job. Slipping a colored noodle over the rebar, works well as reflectors even at night times. Is not it the great solution?

13. Simple Storage for Pool Noodles

Pool noodles scattered all around your garage makes your organization process useless. What if we use a simple method to store all those noodles organized? Yes, make use of a 5-gallon bucket or concrete tubes to store all such scraps. Foamed noodle can very well stay intact in such organizers and make your garage space efficient for other useful storages.

14. Padding of Ladder

It is for those workers who need to stand and lean all day long on the ladders for their professional work. Such people knew the difficulties that they face during their work progression. Hectic! Leaning onto the metals all day and then getting back to the work again the next day, is absolutely not a better lifestyle. You will soon fall out of alignment and get hurt in young ages.

All these struggles can be withdrawn by just using the pool noodles efficiently for this purpose too. Take some slit pieces of the noodles and wrap them around the rungs of the ladder lengthwise. The front side of the rungs where you always lean, is the better position to slip the pool into. Now, you will have smooth and cushiony rungs to lean on. Does not this pool noodle made your life live easy?

15. Pay Attention at Your Boots

Are you tired of trying everything to keep your boot ankles upright? Not anymore. Use these pool noodles to keep your boots in attention position. You will find no more floppy ankles in your boots when you make use of these noodles inserted upright into them. You may also make use for them for drying mukluks.

16. Floating Flower Tea Lights

You can now use the pool noodles to make awesome flower tea lights that float on the water. You need a zip-tie to hold the pieces of pool noodles all in one place. After fastening them together, glue few candles into the holes to make a lantern. Your floating light is now ready. Additionally to make them waterproof, use kitchen plastic wraps to retain the batteries from drenching into the water.

17. Ladder Protectors

When you want your metal ladder protected from all the wear and tear of its daily usage, here is one super solution. Just slide up few pool noodles on the sides of the ladder. For that, take a set of 2 ft length noodles and cut slits along lengthwise. As soon as you are done making the slits, insert the noodles onto the edges of the ladder. Fix them with any glue or tape, if you find them not sitting on their position. Here you get the perfect cushions that protect your metal ladders against any scratches or dents.

18. Wreath using Pool Noodles

You have a great option of making a fantabulous wreath using these low cost materials. Yes, pool noodles are also useful in making a better filling in wreaths. Start with fastening a noodle with a duct tape and try wrapping it with a fabric of your own choice. Make sure the fabric is attractive and sparkling. In place of fabric, you may also use similar attractive ribbons or strings. Now make a garland of flowers wrapping a wire around their stems. Poke this garland through the fabric to coordinate it into the noodle. Now your wreath is ready to be hung on your doors or walls, with the help of a picture hook or wire.

19. Tiny Work Light that never Rolls

You will have to cut a foam pipe insulation or pool noodle into small sections and try wrapping it over a tiny LED flashlight. Place the foam/noodle into any crevice or corner, and your tiny work light is ready. This tiny décor is something that never rolls, making any weird turns or swifts.

20. Creases? Never Mind!

Now it’s time to keep your dresses crease-free with these inexpensive pool noodles. This is quite easy way to make your favorite dresses look elegant and ready-to-wear always. Cover the clothes hanger with a pool noodle that is cut sectional. Slit the noodle through its section and thrust it over the rod of clothes hanger. Measure the length of the lower hanger rod and fix the length of the noodle accordingly. Make sure the slit opened is wide enough to slip onto the rod of the hanger.

21. Lessen the Vibration of Mowing

Some of you may have problems in using your lawn mowers. It produces intense vibration all over your arms while handling it. Here you get the perfect solution for the same. Get rid of those hectic hours in operating lawn mowers. Tape a piece of pool noodle over the handle of the mower. That is it. You are done. You will never get anymore aches or vibrations on your arms or fingers while you use your garden mowers.

22. Agile Paintbrush Holder

What more? You will also find a perfect place for keeping your watercolor brushes handy, using this pool noodle. Cut a feet long pool noodle and slice through it to get a reliable slit. Insert all the watercolor brushes into this slit. Here you go!

23. No-Ding Car Door Bumper

People fill their garage with things like tools, kids’ bikes, paint tins, barrels and all such stuffs. When the car enters the garage, and when you try to open the car door, the door dings easily on the walls and get an easy scratch on it. The solution is to attach a half-sized pool noodle to the edges or walls. This act as a bumper and you will now be able to put your car into the garage with no fear of dinging its door on the walls or on any other objects.

24. Pro Tip #1: How to slice a noodle

You can make use of a serrated knife used in your kitchens. These set of knives very well slices the pool noodles and you will get your noodle sections cut easily.

25. Pro tip #2 How to slit a noodle

To cut a slit into your noodle, you may use a utility knife that is extremely sharp and sturdy. If you use a shorter blade, you will be able to cut only the top part of the noodle.

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