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33 Hilarious Texts That Did Not Work As Planned

by Qunki Team | funny
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Sarcastic Texts Dark And Naked
No Love Is Born
Way To Avoid Talking About Relationships
Not A Girl Or A Boy
Evil Cycle Of Curiosity
Interested In Wrong Things
Straight To The Point Sarcastic Texts
Trolling Ex Girlfirnd Out Of The Blue
Love For Vowels
Sending Pictures Is Easy
Thrashing Your Crush In Epic Way
Late Response But Hilarious One
Stop Cheating On Innocent Husband
Taken Movie Dailog To A New Level
Knowing The Alphabets Sarcastic Texts
Killed It With Emojis
You Asked For It
Honesty Is The Best Policy
Wrong Text To Cool Mom
Everything Is Standard
Humrous Trolling Of Girl
Self Loving Is Important Sarcastic Texts
Funny Reply To Friends
Sleep Is More Important Than Talking
Relationship Moving Too Quickly
Talking Horny To Wrong Person
Awesome April Fool Message
Killing The Mood
Getting Naked Like A Boss
No Room For Two
Self Loathing Is Necessary
Funny Sarcastic Texts
Trashed For Flirting
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