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Couples Reveal How Cheating Saved Their Marriage

by Qunki Team | relationship
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A famous scholar has once said that a relationship is built on trust. This term becomes more important after getting married as the responsibilities of a man and woman increase and change at the same time. Both husband and wife must keep this trust on each other forever. Some relations don't work out because cheating is also very common in today's world. But there have been some couples who say that cheating has somewhere helped them to make their relationship stronger. But it doesn't mean that cheating is a good recommendation to all those who are married.

Sometimes you do learn a lesson.

I dont agree with the saying once a cheater, always a cheater. Cheating saved my marriage and I will never do it again.

Every couple handles issues on their own terms.

My affair saved my marriage. It caused us to seek counseling and really work out our issues. Im more in love with my spouse than ever before.

To each their own.

Us both cheating helps our marriage. It makes no sense to other people, but it works for us. I dont tell anyone because they judge so hard.

Who knew?

I cheated on my husband and told him. We are now working on our marriage and its been very good. I actually dont regret cheating because cheating saved my marriage.


It sounds horrible to say, but cheating on my wife actually saved my marriage. I realized the grass isnt always greener and that Im so lucky to have her.

Silver lining?

As stupid as it sounds, cheating might have actually saved my marriage. My husband never found out, but it made me think differently about us. I realized that I would rather work it out with him instead.

What an outcome.

My 3 week dry spells lead to my affair. My affair lead to my open marriage. I dont suggest affair, I do support open/poly. Essentially, my affair saved my marriage though! Who the hell knew!?

Honesty is the best policy.

My hubby and I are now in an open marriage. It saves us the headache of sneaking around or cheating, which we both did to each other. It honestly saved our marriage.


Ive been cheating for 17 years.Its whats keeping my marriage afloat.Im at peace with it.

This is true.

Cheating is simply a symptom of a much larger problem. If the cause can be found and fixed, the effect will never occur again. This is simple logic. This is why my affair kind of fixed our marriage...

Proof that you can fix anything.

My affair actually brought me and my wife closer. We realized that we had so much space in between us and counseling helped fix that.

Communication is key.

Im not saying my husband cheating was good, but it helped us finally work through our issues and talk about them. Were in a much better place now.

Therapy is the key.

Couples therapy helped put an end to my cheating.  It was hard work, but it did a 180 on my marriage. Weve never been so happy.

It takes two to tango.

Cheating actually improved our sex life. We both cheated on each other for sexual reasons only and realized we need to satisfy each other more.

Not all that is broken can't be fixed.

I once cheated with an ex. We were both married. My husband found out. I ended it and we worked out every issue we had. My affair saved my marriage.


Im emotionally cheating on my husband. It has helped our relationship so much. My husband never communicates with me, but my special friend does. I just hope the hubby never finds out...

Stranger than fiction.

My husband and I started making naughty films together after I learned he cheated on me. Him cheating actually helped us get our sex life and marriage back on track. Life is so weird sometimes...

You never know what life will bring your way.

Cheating actually helped my wife and I be honest in our marriage. Our world has changed this past year, but ultimately for the better. We will get through this.

Marriage is quite the journey.

I messed up and I cheated on my wife. I dont regret it though. It strangely made us both realize how bad we wanted this to work. Marriage is hard work! We try everyday now.

Counseling for the win!

We had a sexless marriage for 2 years. I cheated. This caused my husband to seek counseling for all his issues and for myself to seek counseling too. After a few months apart, we are stronger than ever!
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