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Understand The Top 8 Skills Needed To Succeed As A Novelist

by Qunki Team | misc
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Being a novelist is a lifelong dream for millions of people, but not many know how to write a book. It is an apprehensive journey and requires a lot of dedication.

In the digital world, where self-publishing a book is seemingly straightforward, many people are still struggling to make their work recognized by the audience. Writing a novel is not something that you decide on an impulse. You must acknowledge that writing a novel is not just putting words together – it is far beyond that.

On the road to being a successful novelist, you will face many bumps, and the only thing that will keep you going is motivation. Many novelists fail because their motivation is just a buzz of excitement to get started, and nothing more than that. They fall back only after the first sign of trouble.

Read on to find out the top 8 skills you need to become a successful novelist.

The Top 8 Skills Needed to Succeed as a Novelist

Read as Much as Possible

To become a successful novelist, you first need to invest some of your time into reading. However, you are probably over the reading part, and maybe it was the reason why you wanted to write a novel in the first place.

Many novelists are fond of reading since their childhood, regardless of the genre. Sometimes they even take a vacation to read some novels. Although it is entirely okay if you were never into reading until this moment because you can always start.

Reading teaches you the craft of writing a novel that you cannot achieve from anywhere else. It helps you tune your imagination to your ears and learn the art of satisfying a reader.

To write a novel, you should start reading a bit more selectively. Make a list of books in your intended genre written in a style that you admire. Note down the principal elements and techniques that make the book exciting and emulate them to your imagination.

Develop the Habit of Writing

If you want to be successful in any field, you must practice daily. The same goes for writing. You should establish the practice of writing into your daily routine, or else, succeeding as a novelist may seem quite impossible.

As a beginner, you can start with writing a blog or an article, or even small essays. Writing an essay sounds simple until you start doing the job. So, if you want to succeed as a novelist, you have to write every single day.

Start doing it just for fun, and one day you will surely find yourself as a successful novelist.

Brand Yourself

People usually read a novel only after a recommendation from someone, or if a renowned writer writes it. In the digital world, the only thing that is going to build you an audience is creating a brand of who you are.

What can you do as a beginner without a target audience or social media following? If nobody knows who you are, what is the possibility that they will buy your work?

To overcome this, you can start with marketing, positioning, and social storytelling. To shine, you cannot hideaway. You have to put yourself out there and make people aware of your existence.

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Be Confident to Practice in Public

The best way to scale your work is by sharing them regularly on the internet. When you share something in the open, such as the internet, you receive immediate feedback.

Doing so, you feel vulnerable and fear judgment, but most importantly, you gain confidence. Most of the new writers are afraid to share anything they have written and wait forever to make a debut.

Nobody can be perfect in their first work, but it will help them gain some experience in their work. So, when you look back after publishing your early work, you won’t regret the decision but will be happy to see how you improved yourself over the years.

Be Original

The most general piece of advice that you will get from a successful novelist is to be yourself. It consists of what you write about, how you write, and how to explore issues in your fiction.

Everybody has their way of expressing their story as everybody has seen the world through their own eyes. Everybody has their own experiences and thoughts, and the same goes for emotions.

Reading and writing novels regularly will help you with a solid grasp of how to outline a novel. Once you are there, you need to produce original works with your unique writing style.

Master Multiple Voices

As a novelist, the most valuable skill to have is to be able to write with a range of voices. There are dozens of voices that one should master in their career to deploy effectively in the market as a writer.

A novelist should be able to write attractive sales copy, email sequences, and also social media posts that leave an impact on the reader in just three or four sentences.

To be a part of the community of successful novelists, you have to be more than just a writer. You will have to be a creative director, a successful marketer, and a social media strategist too.

Find a Compelling Reason to Write

You probably want to become a novelist to generate money from your work, and it is completely fine to write for money. Furthermore, in the digital world, making money from novel writing is much easier than before as now you can self-publish and promote your fiction over the internet.

But the fact is, writing for money is not a compelling reason, not in the long run. Because you can earn money only after attracting an audience, and this might take months, or sometimes years of patience and hard work.

Meanwhile, you will have to find some more compelling reasons to write that will help you to stay motivated in the short term.

Write Down Anything That Interests You

To succeed as a novelist, you need to be open to new ideas, experiences, and emotions.

Every new idea that you encounter, adventures, or even people you cross path with regularly potentially holds a story. Observe every detail in your surroundings and write things down that you don’t want to forget.

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