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15 Celebrities Who Were Very Successful Once but Can Never Make a Comeback

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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Success is hard to accomplish and difficult to have a hold of it. As it requires a person to keep up performing nicely much of the time and preserve a determined and disciplined technique without getting distracted from the goal. Many celebrities were not able to manage their achievement and it went up of their heads. They had been found consuming the substance, partying unendingly and many more issues, which earned them a bad picture and introduced their profession to halt.

Directly here we will talk about 15 such celebrities who had been doing nicely in their carrier at one point of time, however, they made a few blunders that ruined their carrier to a major extent.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was doing fine in her career as soon as upon a time she was touted as the resulting large actor to look at for. She was getting paid $10 million for each film and many endorsement offers had been provided to her. In any case, her behavior of celebrating & partying unendingly after which arriving behind schedule to work upset the film producers and directors. In addition to that, she was discourteous and moody because of the hangover she used to have after partying late. However, it is in the news that she has dealt with her private life and she is still talented to come back in movies.

2. Mel Gibson

The actor is well known and has performed fantastically in her Brave heart, What Ladies Need, Deadly Weapon and Ardour of the Christ, however without a doubt it true too that we have not seen him in big films. His role in the film Expendables 3 was also not significant to give him a rebound. The reason behind Mel Gibson’s diminishing career was his addiction to alcohol and the investigation of home violence. In a few circumstances, he was also caught passing racism comments, which become a reason for directors and producers to make the distance from him.

3. Harvey Weinstein

There was a time when Harvey Weinstein was one of the popular actresses of Hollywood and he has used his popularity and power in forcing girls doing things that they do not wish to. In October 2017, it was reported in the various famous newspaper that more than 80 Models of Hollywood have accused him of misusing them. It all works on the negative side for him and ruined his Hollywood career and never able to come back.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Do you remember Buffy Summers from the famous show Buffy the Vampire Slayer that used to telecast in the late 90s. Sarah Michelle Gellar played the lead character, it went great for six years, and she gained a lot of popularity. As soon as the show ended, she started facing difficulties in getting shows, as she was type casted. She tried her hands in some films, however, nothing ever after worked in her favor.

5. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is an American actor and she had a good career in television in her teenage days. She rose as a promising child star on Nickelodeon referred to as The Amanda Show. In addition to this, she worked in some of the films, which did good work on box-office. Later on, success backfired and there was information that she started consuming alcohol, arguing with strangers and so on. After some time it was reported that, she was unwell and she admitted for therapy. At present, we are not seeing any chance of comeback on television any time quickly.

6. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is an American actress and singer and she began her career at the age of 12. She acted in many shows of Nickelodeon and cast in films too. Her acting career was going great, just one day she argued with her co-star, which affected her personality and portrayed as Notorious. Victoria career was affected and since then she is trying best to get a breakthrough and resume her acting career.

7. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is well known for his acting and comedian. He was extraordinary in his stand-up comedy and now he has not seen a lot in films. He was a regular cast of the Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 19854. Since from 2011, he has not been seen in any good movies and not nominated for any awards.

8. Ciara

Ciara is an American singer and actress who voluntary took a break from her career as she wanted to give some quality time to her household and future partner. However, she tried to come back with her album “Jackie” after her son is born. However, the comeback was not with a right album and it proved to be a huge failure, as less than 200k copies of the album were sold.

9. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is very well known in Hollywood industry and she worked in some of the famous movies like The Masks, There is one thing About Mary, Charlies Angles, and so on. However nowadays she has not seen much in films and heard that she has taken retirement from films, we might say that she will not be coming soon in industry.

10. Ray Rice

Ray Rice is an American footballer who performed well in her career until the day a video was leaked online, in which he was caught hitting his fiancée. He played his entire professional career with Baltimore Ravens and they terminated his contract of the National Football League, as they were very strict when it comes to domestic violence matters. Four years have been passed since that incident and no club desires to offer him another chance, as they do not want to take risk of harming their image.

11. Mike Tyson

The American former professional boxer, he has reigned as undisputed world heavyweight championship with a record of gaining the title at an early age. He was having a hard time, when he was convicted for rape, he also faced bankruptcy regardless of earning good money from his boxing career and films. A good portion of his earning was paid as lawyer charges and now we feel that the retired boxer has not left with much scope with his career in films.

12. Lil Kim

Lil Kim is an American rapper and songwriter and in 90’s she ruled the rapping industries, known as Queen of Rap. Some bad decisions of her past and sentence of one year for lying to a judge ruined her career. We all know the popularity of her songs and but she has not come up with any new album since from 2006. One has to keep the consistency of their good work; old work cannot always keep you alive in the industry. There is very less chance of her coming up with new albums in future.

13. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is widely known as one of the greatest golfers and he was unstoppable as far as his career is concerned. He was famous and winning many championships and his wife and kids were always there with him to support and boost his confidence. Everything was going fine until the day public got to know about his affairs. His wife divorced him with a huge compensation of $120 million and his career affected a lot because of all this. He is still on the ground and playing golf, but he is not the same Tiger Woods as we used to see him earlier.

14. Keri Hilson

Keri is a popular songwriter who was recognized for her excellent expertise in songwriting in the late 2000s and she wrote many songs for famous singers, like Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, Britney Spears and many more. In one track written by her, she took a dig at Beyonce, which harmed her career to such an extent that she has not launched any album since 2010.

15. Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s is a famous singer, songwriter and actor and everything was going good in his career, until the moment he hit Rihanna. Followers did not like this act of him and his music gross sales declined worldwide. By some way and after a while, the gross sales of his songs went up and they went down again as his team filed a case towards him accusing him of being a maniac on tour.

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