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21 Insane Wedding Dress Fails That Will Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | others
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Every little girl dreams about this day and especially about the wedding dress. Brides go through months of financial planning, pain, diet, and countless Pinterest boards to create the perfect wedding dress for the big day. But looks like these brides have turned Bridezilla the last moment and ditched the traditional attire for wacky and tacky epic fails.

1. She got her idea from the local carnival or fair, who wears balloons for wedding?

2. Now we know why the wedding guests complained about No Toilet Paper in the washrooms.

3. Condoms for a cause, who will squeeze into this colorful wedding dress it we have to see.

4. We found Mary and her lamb!


5. So we are confused, she wants to be a Japanese bride or a high-tea English bride. Or was the wedding cake too expensive!

6. Now she has some sweet tooth, make your cake and eat it too!

7. Why is Honey Boo Boo wearing trash? Ideal actually considering the T.V. drama ratings.


8. An environment conscious bride, recycled trash for the day.

9. Mom-to-be sure knows how to hide that baby bump.


10. Balloon! What is with brides and balloons anyway.


11. She forgot to wear the entire wedding dress, maybe it was a hot summer night.


12. Prom night never left this bride’s mind.


13. Victoria’s Secret not secret anymore! I will just walk in lingerie for my wedding!


14. Someone give the wedding guests an air gun to shoot all the balls. Winner gets the bride! Lol!


15. Italian inspired bride, pizza party on its way.


16. Who left the floor lamp on? What was the bride thinking?


17. This bride wanted to serve at her own wedding! Cheers we say!


18. Ok was this bride cross dressing coz we don’t see any resemblance to for a gothic theme.


19. This is what happens when you leave the bride alone at the hair salon for a long time.


20. Now that’s what we call a roadside kill wedding.


21 Insane Wedding Dress Fails That Will Make You Laugh

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