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Delicious Ways To Have the Best Love Making Of Your Life

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Lovemaking is one of the most satisfying exercises in our life. But if you jump into it without proper preparation or knowledge, it is going to be a disaster. Here are some great tips to spice up your lovemaking session.

1 A Nice Outfit

A nice carefully chosen outfit according to both of your tastes will do wonders. Always take some time to choose the best outfit to wear before lovemaking. Choose attractive undergarments as well.

2 What To Eat

Eat food that won't disturb you during intercourse. Don't ever let the food and smell to ruin your great time. Avocados, Strawberries, Dark Chocolate, Oysters And Other Seafood, Nuts, Watermelon, Figs, etc. usually help to to improve your desire.

3 Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is always a turn0n to many people. So know your partner's taste and act accordingly. Don't use abusive words unless your partner is comfortable with it. Know the limits and act appropriately.

4 Heels

High heels are found to be attracted to many guys. So wearing a high heel mostly help as a good make up.

5 RolePlay

Role play is an amazing way to share your fantasies, and don't be afraid: everybody has their fantasies.

6 Toys

Toys are will always help to achieve greater pleasure. Try different toys each time. Make sure you both are comfortable with them. Never use dangerous toys.

7 Mix It Up

Try different things everyday. Try to bring new methods and positions as much as possible. Showering together, talking dirty, switching positions, etc. will help to improve the pleasure.l

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