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Celebs Who Married Men They Thought Were Straight

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
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1 Danielle Fishel


Danielle Fishel, popular as Topanga, was a popular name in 1990s due to the sitcom Boy Meets World where she played the main role along with Ben Savage. The two went on to continue their roles in Girl Meets World. Danielle dated Lance Bass from NSync for over a year, and there were even rumours that they married. However, she was completely shocked when Bass declared that he wasnt straight. This happened 6 years after they were together. They are still friends though.

2 Liza Minnelli


Liza married gay men not just once, but twice. In fact, her mother, Judy Garland, a famous actress of her times, also married a gay man. She married musician Peter Allen in 1967 and got divorced in 1974. Later, Allen declared that he was gay. She married David Gest later, a producer of US television shows. They got divorced soon. According to Gest, Lizas abusive nature caused the divorce, but there have been rumours that Gest is actually not straight.

3 Berry Berenson


A famous actress, Berry married famous actor, Anthony Perkins. They were married for several years, although there were quite a few rumours that her husband was gay and even had relationships with other men. While her husband died due to AIDS, Berry died in the 9/11 accident when she was in the plane which was crashed.

4 Carol Channing


The famous actress, Carol Channing was married to her manager, Charles Lowe for over 4 decades, even though there were quite a few rumours that Lowe wasnt straight. However, they got divorced in 1998, probably due to numerous relationships Lowe had. She married Harry Kullijian in 2003.

5 Star Jones


She had an awesome wedding with Al Reynolds. They stayed together for 4 years, however things took a wrong turn when rumours surfaced about Reynolds being gay. Reynolds didnt accept any such claims, however the fact that he didnt even deny them made a lot of people suspicious. Finally, they got divorced. Little is known about Jones love life nowadays.

6 Rebecca de Alba


She never married Ricky Martin but were together for almost 14 years. A famous model from Mexico, she and Martin seemed to be the perfect couple. However, Martin announced in 2010 that he wasnt straight which stunned Rebecca since she had no idea about this. Needless to say, she never contacted him ever again and even refused to work on any TV shows together with him.

7 Margaret Whiting


Famous Margaret Whiting was married to Jack Wrangler, who was an adult film star. In this case, people actually knew that he was gay yet he stayed together with Margaret till 2009 when he passed away. Whiting passed away 2 years later, in 2011. Some of her classic songs are Its Cold Outside, Silver Bells, Baby etc.

8 Fran Drescher


A brilliant actress, Fran married Peter Marc Jacobson, who created The Nanny, which was crucial in making Fran famous. They remained married from 1978 till 1999. After that, Jacobson officially announced that he was gay and their marriage ended. However, even after their divorce, they created a sitcom named Happily Divorced. They are still good friends.

9 Terry McMillan


The author of several best-sellers, she was married to Jonathan Plummer. Plummer was actually much younger than Terry. Plummer soon announced he was gay and Terry sued him for a massive $40 million, saying that he left her emotionally distressed. Their event on Oprah together turned out to be completely rubbish. They usually dont reveal much about their lives nowadays.

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