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Funniest News Headlines That Are Perfect For Our Current World

by Qunki Team | funny
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Usually the news headlines of any channel or newspaper happen to be very serious and genuine in nature. This is because news is always based on facts and figures. But sometimes certain people try to give a twist in such kinds of news headlines by making them sound funny or humorous. As a result, such news headlines become completely perfect as a result of the mixture of satire and humor filled with ironic comments too.

Ed Sheeran Biopic Funny Headlines
Overweight German Man Funny Headlines
Real Life Magneto
Funny Headlines Kid Rock
Pug Starts Fight Funny News Headlines
Radiohead Headline
Sex Toy Angel
Taliban Hostage
Wtf Headline
Funniest News Headlines
Funny News Headlines Trying To Shoplift A Chainsaw
Big Penis Defense
What Kind Of Genius Loses A Billion Dollars
Funny News Headlines Dogs
Absurd Hilarious News Headlines
Mexico Trip
Florida Woman
Goat Funny News Headlines
Armless Legless Criminal
Motorized Cart
Ridiculous Headlines
Emoji Movie
Tony Tiger
Funny News Headlines
Dog Half Marathon
Baby For 15 Big Macs
Chuck E Cheese Funny News Headlines
Attorney Slap
Fearless Girl
Penis Enlarger
Umbrellas Funny News Headlines
Boyd Corbin
Funny News Headlines Butt Chugging Infinite Jest
White Supremacist
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