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ANOTHER monolith appears in Pittsburgh; Four metal pillars have already been erected in different parts of the world

by Qunki Team | wtf
Home > wtf > ANOTHER monolith appears in Pittsburgh; Four metal pillars have already been erected in different parts of the world

After the monoliths that surprised the world that appeared in of Utah, Romania, and California, another monolith appears in Pittsburgh.

By mid-November, shiny metal pillars began to sprout in different parts of the world. It first appeared in Utah. Helicopter herdsmen spotted a mysterious single pillar in Utah.

It was about three feet high and was grounded. Preliminary examination revealed that it was made of metal. However, it is not yet clear what metal was used to make it.

Following this, the pillar disappeared from Utah. The next day, a pillar rose in Romania.

The next day, a mysterious metal pillar missing from Utah was found. The metal pillar was found destroyed by a group of people. It took ten to fifteen minutes for the four young men to move the metal pillar. They saw this low hawthorn as an object that pollutes the world. This is the reason why the pillar was removed from here. Another person who witnessed the removal of the pillar informed the authorities about this.

Following this, the metal pillar in Romania disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It is unknown where it disappeared. It is disappeared just four days after it is found , it went missing from Batcas Domne, Romania. Currently, there is only one pit at the site of the pillar. Local police said they were investigating the incident.

After Utah and Romania, metal pillars appeared in California as well. The metal pillar was found on top of Mount Atascadero in California. This stainless steel pillar is 10 feet long and 18 inches wide.

While the metal pillar was found in the desert and on the hillside in the previously uninhabited areas, the metal pillar is located in the middle of the Pittsburgh Gill crowd. Appeared overnight in front of a bakery in Pittsburgh.

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