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19 Tips To Fill Your Life With Happiness Forever

by Qunki Team | happiness
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The more money you have, the happier you are, right? Not really. Happiness is not based on physical belongings, but on internal feelings and self perception. So, if money doesn't determine happiness, then what does? Read these 19 tips and confessions to get one step closer to finding happiness.

Ain't that the truth.

Those who say that money cant buy happiness obviously have never been poor.

Furry friends are the best.

Whoever said you cant buy happiness has never paid an adoption fee. Welcome home, bud.

Muy delicioso!

They say money cant buy you happiness. Well $10.98 bought me four cheesy gordita crunches and Im pretty damn happy.
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Ultimate couple goals.

When I see a cute couple I dont think awww, I think, screw you and your happiness!

Self discovery.

The only reason I broke up with my ex was because I read a book about morality and happiness, I noticed I was holding back my happiness to be with him.Im honestly happier than ever being alone.

That must be a hard secret to keep.

I laugh a lot even at silly things when Im depressed. People envy me for my happiness. They have no clue of what Im going through

There's hope.

Happy Birthday to the boy who lived. Thanks for reminding me happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Best moment.

Happiness is when there is one leftAnd its on saleAnd its in your size

Bravery and strength will set us free.

Today is day 63 without cigarettes. I finally felt confident enough to tell my little brother I quit. Nothing compares to his happiness today. Im never going back.

Healing yourself will heal others.

I always sacrificed my happiness to make others happy. Its time to start being selfish.

Breaking down happiness.

No one DESERVES happiness. Happiness is earned and fought for. What everyone deserves is a real chance at figuring out HOW to be happy.

Every girl's dream.

True happiness is when your hair and makeup look good at the same time

Nothing better.

Asking a girl out is perhaps one of the most exciting times. Its even better if we have some TV series in common. And its bliss to watch that cute smile of irritation on her face. ❤️❤️

Baby steps to reaching happiness and satisfaction.

I woke up feeling good. Happy. Like I dont need to get high, or even have friends around to make me smile. Progress, I guess.

Life hacks.

Life tips to be happy:Have more sex, eat more ice cream, get out in the sun, & Dont listen to the haters.Youre welcome ya beautiful bitches!

Key to success!

Confidence is the key to happiness

Who has the control?

The key to happiness is to accept that you are never truly in control

A profound message.

The real  key to happiness is the people you surround yourself with and the people who you love and who love you back. That’s it. Nothing else matters. Took me 30+ years to figure that out.

Self love for the win.

I used to care but I found some confidence and realized that self worth is really the key to happiness. Love yourself!

Words to live by.

Then you learn how to be happy being alone. Only when youre happy being alone, can you be happy being with someone.
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