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Celebrities Who Prove Age Does Not Matter

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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There has always been a saying which is quite famous among all of us - "Age is just a number". A lot of people are there in this world who despite being aged, has not shown a single sign of ageing on their faces. They have been able to slow down the ageing process. Others are still trying to figure out the reason behind this miracle as it is everyone's wish to stay fit and healthy forever. So, here are a few celebrities who have been easily defying their age -


Sandra Bullock stepped in at the age of 50 in the year 2014. She did a movie with Sylvester Stallone - "Demolition Man" where she was looking very fit and no doubt, she still looks the same. One of her close friend has revealed that her daily exercise includes kickboxing, yoga, cardio and pilates.


Sylvester Stallone is loved by the audience for his appearance as John Rambo in the action franchise "Rambo". All the five installments have been successful at the box office. These roles have a requirement that the actor should be fit and healthy. This is the reason why Sylvester still looks like a young guy despite being 70 years old.


The secret behind the beauty and glow in the face of Cindy Crawford is still a mystery among people. People even jokingly say that she might have found the Fountain of Youth. She turned 50 around four years ago and has recently stated that drinking water, eating healthy food and sleeping in time can always keep a person healthy.


John Stamos is known for his appearance as Jesse Katsopolis in the American sitcom "Fuller House". But his young look has been a big question for his fans. John Stamos has said that he does Pilates regularly and he thinks it might be the reason why he hasn't aged.


Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman has been the highest paid actress in 2006, 2018 and 2019. She gained a large fan following after portraying the role of Queen Atlanna in DC's cinematic adaptation of "Aquaman" directed by James Wan. She has turned 50 but she still looks more young and beautiful everytime when she steps in the red carpet.


Tony Goldwyn appeared as President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Thomas in American thriller series "Scandal". He did some steamy scenes in that series with the lead actress which ultimately increased the viewership of the show. Being 50 years old, he still has an amazing body and has stated that eating healthy food is the secret to this.


Viola Davis is still famous for her appearance in the 2015 release "How to Get Away With Murder". She recently turned 50 but still looks beautiful when she steps in the red carpet. She even posed with her daughter Genesis Tennon for the AARP Magazine.


The look of Rob Lowe can still be compared to a guy who is around 20 years old. He hasn't aged at all. Lowe invented a procedure where he uses an eye cream daily which keeps his eyes refreshed for a longer period of time. This is also very common when he goes out for swimming, bike rides and hiking.


Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek who made her debut with the 1995 film Desperado is still considered a bombshell despite being 50 years old. She is becoming more glamorous every year. Recently, she posted a few pictures with bikini on Instagram which questioned the secret behind her young looks.


Brad Pitt is loved by his fans for his memorable roles on screen. Brad Pitt celebrated his 50th birthday in 2013. The actor still looks young in his movies and real life. He has been considered as the most sexiest man alive. He has revealed his secret of staying young as having salmon and walnuts daily in a person's diet.


Elizabeth stepped in to the age of 50 years in 2015 and she looks better now than her looks in the previous years. She has been posting her swimsuit photos on Instagram and that has clearly shown that she hasn't aged at all. She has been an inspiration for many other women who despite being aged, likes to live a young life.


Tom Cruise is known for his appearance as the fearless secret agent Ethan Hunt in the "Mission : Impossible" franchise. He is still a heartthrob among many irrespective of the fact that he is 50 years old. Friends and colleagues who are close to him have revealed that the secret behind his young look is his daily workout routine.


Halle Berry has been a recipient of a large number of awards and achievements. She has turned 50. But still she looks young and stunning. She believes that embracing your age is the best way to remain fit and healthy. She stated that her diet and daily exercise has helped her to maintain her young look.


George Clooney celebrated his 50th birthday in 2011. He is still considered as the most handsome man alive on Earth. He tied his knot with Amal Alamuddin in the year 2014 and is now a father of two twins, Elle and Alexander. He still looks in a happy and refreshed mood.


If we look at the photos of Christine Brinkley, it is hard to believe that she is not just 50, instead she is 60 years old. She has surpassed all other actresses in terms of staying young at a time when ageing shows up on your face. She believes that people should simply enjoy their workouts which can help them to live a young and healthy life.

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