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Sarcastic Replies To Patriarchy By Women

by Qunki Team | others
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Nowadays everyone is familiar with the term patriarchy. While some people support it, others despise it because of its dominant nature. Especially, the feminist intellectuals are totally against the ideals of patriarchy. Women of the 21st century thrive for equality in each and every walks of their lives. Sometimes, these women tend to give replies to the patriarchal values through the medium of sarcastic jokes and replies. This is how they like to show their opinions by criticizing patriarchy.

Funny Women Memes
Funny Women Memes
Call Senator
Emma Watson Double Standards
She Makes The Rules
Girls Bad Profiles
Sexual Predator
Too Emotional To Be President
High Paying Professions
Speak Out
Women Arent Problem
Funny Memes About Being A Woman
Funny Feminist Memes
Female Doctor Who
We Respect Women
Gps Location
Baseball Girls
Call Me Doctor
Man Only Committee
Cant Complain
Period Body
Selfie Girl
Tweet Forget
Hurt Feelings
Unborn Baby Earth
Schrodingers Rape
Period Coupons
Show Some Skin
Too Nice
Rejected By Women
Multiple Super Hero Movies
Helping Clean
Feminist Funny Women Memes
Drags By Hair
Rape Someone Else
Other Girls
Go Ask Your Mom
Male Hooters
Tiny Gloves
Birth Control
Guns V Abortion
Losing Weight
Feminist Memes
Mens Careers
You Like Me
Biggest Youve Taken
Take The Baby
Chinese Takeout Floats
Hero Movie
Male Feelings
Polite Men
Baby In One Hand
Wifi Password
Robin And Amanda
Makeup Lifehack
Funny Memes About Trump
Funny Women Memes Drunk Girl
Just Leave
Feminist Jurassic Park
Stable Boy
Pockets Bags
Last Names
When Is Mens Day
Feminist Sex
Hidden Figures
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