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Weird Reasons Why People Changed Th Locks Of Their Home

by Qunki Team | funny
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A home is a place where a big or small family stays together. It is a place where the distance between two people can easily decrease as they stay close to each other. We cannot find better comfort at any other place except our own home. But when we own it, we have our own rules and we like to maintain some privacy. However, normal people have always faced situations where someone from their own family or the outside or neighborhood had refused to agree to their terms and as a result, the owner of the house has been forced to change the locks of their door in a few instances.

Can't blame you.

My sister relapsed a few days ago. Changed the locks. Shes gonna be PISSED when she finally decides to come back and realizes her house key doesnt work. 4 months clean, she shoulda made it 5.

SO messed up.

 My sons sick and my roommate kicked me out because I was at the urgent care taking care of him instead of home mid day to let her dog out. She changed the locks on me. I am in shock.

Has she heard of privacy?

I changed the locks on my front and back door because my MIL used to just walk in without knocking. Shes telling everyone that Im trying to push her out of our lives. I should have privacy in MY home.

You go girl!

Changed the locks and packed up my abusive boyfriend today. I’m finally freeing myself!

Lesson learned.

My room mate changed the locks on me because I didnt pay rent on time.

Boy, bye!

My boyfriend cheated, so I changed the locks and left all of his stuff in garbage bags outside. Too bad all of his good clothes are ruined. (And before anyone says anything, I bought them)


My wife changed the locks on the house and started an affair. Im so crushed.

Karma is a B***h.

My husband has had his side chick for almost 2 years. I  gave him his belongings, and even his stupid TV. I changed the locks. I bought a bigger TV for me and our child. It was the best decision I made!

Not cool, mom!

My mother keeps giving my ex a key to my apartment. I’ve changed the locks four times because he will randomly show up.

Live and learn.

Changed the locks to my home tonight. Never let a friend stay with you if you arent certain they will move out. I feel so used.


Came home from vacation at 11pm to find out my realtor changed the locks while I was gone...#yourefired

What a horrible mother.

My mom told me I was too fat and stupid to have a boyfriend.  Now Im in a relationship and our anniversary is in a few days and she changed the locks on me.

Cold blooded.

My girlfriend said by the time she walks through the door she wants the house spotless.So I changed the locks.

Good riddance.

My husband beat me. I had him arrested and changed the locks.


Im gonna go crazy! My mother-in-law works for me & while I was gone, she broke into my office to get change. Changed my locks & charged the company for a new one. My husband wont reprimand her!


My landlord changed the locks while I was in jail and my rent was paid ahead of time! Shes now holding all of my stuff hostage too. I dont know what to do now.


My dad changed the locks on the house because he didnt approve of my boyfriend when I was 18. I havent talked to him since.

What now?

I just got out of jail and my parents changed the locks on me. Now I have no idea where to even turn to.

Huge misconception.

My wife changed the locks on me because she thought I was cheating. Im not cheating...Im actually working later like I said I was.

About damn time!

After getting the house broken into for the 3rd time, we changed the locks. Also added a dead bolt.
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