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Texts From Family Members That Are Quite Funny

by Qunki Team | funny
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Some really funny texts between family members.

1 YOLO ?!

2 Its limes.

3 Dont get me wrong, I mean fighting !

4 Not Pregnant, I mean Perfect !

5 Where are you mom ?

6 We love you no matter what type of coming out you do !

7 Forgot your son ?!

8 This dad forgot to delete some pictures !

9 K Y ? KY Jelly ?

10 I promise, I meant chicken !

11 Yous husband !

12 Great advice indeed !

13 Damn Autocorrect !

14 Disney or divorce ?

15 I mean Googled !

16 Baby Black kids ? Seriously ? !!!

17 Yeah that really work !

18 I think she can handle it herself !

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