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Understanding More about an Employment Agency Scarborough

by Qunki Team | job
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Finding a job is not an easy undertaking. We know that. Most good jobs that you are competent in and would like to apply for are not advertised, and those that are advertised sometimes may require different skills from your qualifications. Since the hiring process is also challenging for employers, they consider employment agency Scarborough services to help them in their recruitment needs.

Employment agencies connect job seekers with employers looking for the exact skills and experience job seekers are selling. When you approach one, you present your resume and tell the employment agency Scarborough the nature of the job you are seeking. The agencies then connect you with the employers whose job descriptions match your qualifications. There are many employment agencies, and choosing the right one can be challenging.

1. What You Need To Know About Recruitment Agencies

It is essential to know that all recruitment agencies are not the same. They work differently and have different terms. Some of them deal with a specific types of companies and different job levels. Suppose you have a specific type of job you are finding. In that case, you can use the niche agencies, which specify particular fields like medicine, technology, etc.

However, you can use general recruiters if you are not specific with your job search. The recruiters will check your resume and connect you with the employer you are most suitable for.

Most good jobs are not advertised publicly. The hiring companies employ recruiting agencies to advertise and vet the resumes sent by job seekers. This is why it is easy to get a good job through an employment agency Scarborough. You will not pay a fee for the recruiting agency. They are paid to do so by the hiring company

2. Types Of Job Agencies

There are four types of job agencies, and they are all different from each other due to the nature of the employment services that they provide. The kind of job you are looking to get will determine the type of job agency in Scarborough you opt for to work with.

a. Temp Agencies

As the name suggests, temp agencies are not new in Scarborough. These agencies match job seekers looking for temporary or short-term employment with employers seeking temp employees. Companies that hire temp employees are either seasonal or work with seasons. When there is a lot of work, these companies hire employees to help during those times, and when the season is over, the new employee’s contract also ends. You can get such jobs in many fields like construction, retail, or manufacturing.

The pros of having a temporary job are that it is a great option to test if you can survive in the career or if you are looking for a part-time job. The downside of this one is that you will be jobless in a few months, which is frustrating if you don’t have another job.

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b. Employment Agencies

These work well for job seekers who know what job they want but don’t know where to find one. Employment agencies have many types of jobs because firms hire them to get employees. After presenting your resume and explaining your job expectations, the employment agency Scarborough can find a suitable position for you.

With an employment agency, you will only be called for the right interviews. This is unlike self-job search, where you are called for interviews you are not interested in. However, the downsides are that it is hard to get noticed because the agencies deal with many jobs and job seekers.

c. Head Hunters

Headhunters are individual recruiters who will help you find a job. Some of them are agents of the agencies, while others work for the companies looking for employees. You can find a headhunter at a job agency in Scarborough. The pros of having one are that you form a direct relationship, and they will help you find the best job. However, they are rare and difficult to find.

d. Search Firms

They help job seekers search for jobs in specific fields. These are a good option if you have high-level skills in your field. They also help you negotiate the terms of employment. The cons of working with search firms are that they will charge you a fee when you get hired.

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