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Strangest Things The Police Have Caught Kids For Doing Or…. Not Doing

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Strangest Things The Police Have Caught Kids For Doing Or…. Not Doing

We all know that working as police is an extremely dangerous job you have to be always ready to be on duty and need to protect yourself from gangsters and mobs. But other than these demerits, it can be a pleasant experience at times.

Obviously, if you join the police force your mind gains satisfaction from the fact that you are contributing to protecting the society. But the merits don't end here. Sometimes, you get to watch weird, strange and often hilarious things as well during your duty. And now, 13 police offers have shared 13 bizarre stuff they have seen other kids do. So check these below and enjoy!

1 Hide and seek.

2 Ouch!

3 Superbador just bad?

4 No hard feelings.

5 Thats awkward.

6 LARPing

7 Insight on how to scare a cop.

8 Naked flames

9 Radio quotes.

10 In hiding.

11 Getting even.

12 Dont sign and drive.

13 The sparklers story.

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