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7 Unique Clothing Styles to Instantly Look More Fashionable

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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The key to looking fashionable doesn’t necessarily lie in following the latest trends or putting together expensive and luxurious outfits. There are times when something just as simple as throwing in a pair of fancy sunglasses or layering shirts and sweaters, or playing around with different materials might significantly elevate your look.

Do you think that it’s easier said than done? Don’t get discouraged - sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone to put together something unique and eye-catching. Try color coordinating, mixing textures, or wearing a matching set. Sounds interesting? How about changing your whole approach to fashion by buying less or avoiding clothes that you’re going to wear for just one occasion and then forget about them. After all, sustainability is also one of the latest trends. With that said, read the article below to learn how we break down some stylish wardrobe solutions which you too can undertake now!

Avoid Wearing Clothes for One Occasion Only

Purchasing fewer items is one of the best ways to save money while still looking fashionable. Instead of buying new clothes for each occasion, why not buy pieces that can be worn together? For example, purchase a couple of pairs of jeans in different washes and match them with different boots or sneakers until you find something that looks awesome.

The same goes for shirts – instead of buying new ones every week, purchase neutral colored ones which you can wear with different pants or jackets. You can visit the website couponninja.com to get attractive discounts for the brands you want to purchase from and save even more.

Go for Matching Sets

Matching sets are a great way to instantly improve your style, as they offer a variety of benefits that you might not realize at first glance. Matching sets are great because they instantly provide you with a whole outfit, which means that the only thing left to think about is what kind of shoes or bag to wear with your outfit after getting dressed. You can also mix and match different items from the matching set to put together different looks for each day of the week!

Layer Shirts Under Sweaters

Layering shirts under sweaters is yet another simple and inexpensive way to look more fashionable. Sweaters are trendy nowadays, and they’re also very versatile - you can pair them with almost any type of shirt underneath, especially if it has long sleeves or cuffs which will peek out underneath.

Mix Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are another great way to stand out from the crowd and effortlessly make a statement. If you want to be bolder, then pair two very different colors together - try looking at the color wheel and picking opposite ones. Good examples would be blue and yellow or orange and green. If you’re not too confident about it, you can always play it safe by combining two similar colors together.

Pair Vests and Scarves

Scarves and vests are two pieces of clothing that women often overlook, but they really shouldn’t, especially when it comes to the colder months. It’s an easy way to add some flair to your wardrobe without having to spend too much money. You can create lots of different outfits by simply pairing these two pieces together and by choosing scarves and vests in various patterns and textures.

Wear Chunky Shoes

The key to looking stylish while wearing chunky boots or shoes is to wear them with the right outfit. Don’t wear them with baggy jeans or shorts, but instead wear them with fitted pants or skirts. This way, they will make your legs look longer. Also, try on different heel heights to find the one that completes the look you’re going for. Thin block heels look great with slim pants and dresses, while stilettos complete any casual outfit.

Add Fashionable Accessories

Fashion accessories are meant to be worn not only on special occasions, but they’re also great when it comes to making everyday outfits look extraordinary. If you want to look stylish without being too extravagant, wearing fashionable accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings will add some extra sparkle to your outfit and draw attention to your face. You can also easily update your whole look by wearing a pair of sunglasses in a bright color or an eye-catching shape!

In Conclusion

If there’s one thing that we would recommend our readers to do whenever they feel stuck in a rut - it would be trying something new! Experimenting with fashion is all about having fun - try wearing clothes that you usually wouldn’t wear and see whether they suit you or not! There are so many awesome ideas out there that can help you look fashionable without spending too much money on clothes - remember, everyone has their own style, so keep exploring until you find yours!

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