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Russian Dancers Compare Ballet and Twerking and Youll Want to WATCH THIS

by Qunki Team | others
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Dance is one of the best forms for expressing emotions. Dance can be used to express all types of thoughts and emotions be it happy or sad; some might dance when they are in a happy mood or with their loved ones, while some dance forms can show the inner sadness of a person.

So do you like twerking or ballet ? What is the difference between twerking and Ballet ? These Russian Dancers will teach you. Continue reading till the end and watch the video at the end.


Ballet is one of the oldest dance styles. Its unique beauty and style has made it one of the most popular dance styles of all times. However, times are changing, and people are gradually moving to newer forms of dance.


This form of dance, known as “twerking” has recently become quite popular especially among young dancers. It is evident that this dance style doesn’t resemble ballet at all, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Twerking is based on freedom of movement, while ballet represents movement in a controlled way. What would happened if these two completely two different dance styles were merged together? That is what the Russian troupe has done. Check the video below.

Enjoy this video and watch how some Russian dancers start dancing in traditional ballet but then they transition to modern dance style.

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