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20 Hilarious Food Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | funny
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Since the advent of mobile phones we have become expert food photographers. And sometimes we land ourselves in a soup while trying to savour our favourite food. Given below are the hilarious results of turning our culinary skills into memes.

1. When the hunter and the hunted are enjoying a barbeque party.

2. A bloody Christmas story – starring the Ginger Bread Man.

3. When she said I can have the last piece of the pizza.

4. When the grammar Nazis notice the spelling mistake in your food bill.

5. Noodle soup anyone.

6. Ride the bike and have snacks too.

7. Gotta keep your hot dog protected on the road.

8. Your obsession for pizza takes over your clothes.

9. Cat-fishing on your Tinder profile.

10. When you sneak in a hot cuppa soup at the party.

11. The chicken came first not the egg.

12. When you are bored of your vegan diet and doodle your lunch away.

13. E.T. turned into a cinnamon roll, unfortunately it didn’t reach home.

14. Your main door became your sweet trap.

15. Two types of food lovers in the world.

16. When your monthly cravings go too far.

17. Belle with a barrel.

18. The chef took the instructions too strictly.

19. Fried noodles for lunch hun.

20. The cuppa is always half empty.

Food fails are common on a daily basis, hope you had a good laugh at these delectable failures.

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