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9 Signs She Is Interested In You Even If She Has A BOYFRIEND

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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When it comes to love and infatuation, your life becomes a little more unbearable. Especially, when you have a friend who confuses you by sending you a trove of mixed signals. All this does is a mess with your head, does she love? Or does she love me not? Even if you talk to the person, if they are in a relationship they will never admit what their heart feels, purely out of guilt. But like with all things in this world, only time will tell, it will reveal everything eventually. So if you are keen to find out, all you have to do is wait and observe her, watch her actions and she will reveal everything without actually saying it.

1 Phone Calls

If the girl likes you, she will always value your opinion and your ear. She will phone and text you a lot for any reason, to tell you things about her personal life such as her boyfriend problems or anything about her girlfriends.

2 Physical Contact

Many kinds of physical contact can confuse you, such as hugging and cuddling and even touching your arm when she laughs. But the absolute fact is if she cuddles you a lot, there is something going on in her head, between lust and love since she already has a boyfriend in any case. But even still, the best tell is after all this; sex is an absolute and resounding no.

3 Spending time

Here is one that will confuse you, maybe break your heart a little bit and then make you feel guilty, but no matter what it will be mixed with a warm feeling of gratitude and the event of falling more in love with her. All this for some simple reason; she will want to spend a lot of time with you, so much, so she will be brilliant in handling the situation if her boyfriend ever calls while she is hanging out with you. She goes through a lot of effort just to be with you, and she is currently choosing you over her boyfriend.

4 Genuine liking

The connection you feel is probably real; this is something that most definitely takes two to tango. She may never admit her true feelings, but she is happy to be with you. But the secret with this one is to try and learn to read her eyes; there is where she will spill her guts without even realizing it.

5 Moral Support

Life is an extreme ride on an intense rollercoaster with all the ups and downs and twirls to go with it. And through all the bumps life throws at us, sometimes it is extremely nice not to be alone and have someone support you. This girl you like, with the connection you have, you will realize that she does care about you since she will support you to the fullest, even if she just uses words, she becomes the only one that can successfully give you support and help lift you up.

6 No cheating

As time goes on, the sexual tension will always seem to grow at an alarming rate, and with that, your girl will start to get extremely conflicted since she doesnt want to cheat on her boyfriend, but she just keeps getting closer to you. And with that inner turmoil starting to show itself to you, you start to hate the fact that you met her too late.

7 Love and care

All this confusion is starting to build up especially since she takes care of you and takes a big interest in your life. Every day she will ask you things like about what you ate for lunch or dinner. Anything in your life becomes important to her such as your job or significant events that matter to you. She will be genuinely eager to know more about your life and the worst part about all of this; you start to feel like she is torturing you and you start to hate her for doing all these things to you when she has a boyfriend.

8 Pet Names

You have quite a close relationship, and sometimes she may find you incredibly adorable and tease you and give you pet names like honey and baby as subtle ways to show her affection to you. But all this does is make you yearn for more, that little bit more so that you can know for sure.

9 Cleverness


No matter what or how you phrase a question so that you can maybe finally clear your head, she will always answer smartly or extremely carefully if you ask about anything going on between the two of you and she will always answer with I love you like a friend only and you know he will say that, so try to b confident and ask her out anyways. The confidence may attract her, if it doesnt, then dont get roped in.

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