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10 Most Horrible Rituals Brutally Practiced On Women

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Every nation in the world has become technologically advanced nowadays, but even then, some horrible rituals are practiced on women in certain nations. This is more prevalent in developing countries. You would be shocked to know that some of these rituals are completely forced and are same as torture for women.

Take a look at the top 10 horrible rituals practiced on women.

1 Force Feeding

This is prevalent in some locations in Mauritania, where people think that an obese wife will bring about prosperity in marriage. Hence, before the wedding, young girls are forcefully fed too much their diet per day consists of a whopping 16000 calories.

2 Crying Marriage

This is prevalent in the Sichuan Province in Southwestern China. This custom is known by the native people as Zuo Tang. The custom says that the bride should cry every night a month before the wedding. In case the bride is unable to cry, her mother will beat her physically to make her cry if it's needed.

3 Genital mutilation of Females

This occurs in underdeveloped countries such as Somalia and Egypt. Girl from these nations has to go through cIitoraI mutiIation or vag!na sealing to preserve their virginity. And this inhumane act takes place without any drugs or anesthetics.

4 Bride kidnapping by Roman gypsies

Kidnapping is illegal in literally every nation nowadays, but that is legal in Romania if it is for the sake of marriage. A man in Romania can marry a woman without her will if he kidnaps her for 3 to 5 days.

5 Teeth Chiseling

According to the Mentawai tribe of Sumatra, women are more attractive if they have pointed teeth. Hence, the local people use a sharp blade to chisel the teeth of the women. You can obviously understand how painful the entire process is, but even then no drugs are given to reduce the pain.

6 Beating Session

This takes place in Uaupes, Brazil. N a k ed women are beaten till they are either dead or unconscious on the streets. According to the rituals, this is a test to check whether they are fit for marriage. If the girls wake up even after this inhumane torture, they are eligible for marriage.

7 Tattooed forcefully

This takes place in certain communities in Paraguay and Brazil. Women from these communities are forcefully tattooed to attract men. Tattoos on their stomachs, breasts, and backs are compulsory.

8 Breast Ironing

Some communities of Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa take several inhumane steps to reduce rapes in the nation. They burn the women's breasts to stop them from growing. This is done at a very young age. Dangerous tools such as hammers, spatulas and hot stones are used they are heated in burning coal and then rubbed on the girl's breasts to damage the tissues.

9 Giraffe like Rings

Women in Karen tribe in Thailand are forced to wear giraffe-like rings around the neck to lengthen the neck since it is considered to be a sign of beauty. They have to wear these rings all their life, and these are extremely painful. Girls are forced to wear these rings since the age of 5 and as they grow older, the number of rings is also increased.

10 Eating babys placenta

Some tribes in China force the women to consume the placenta after birth since it is believed to be rich in nutrients.

Which ritual do you think is the most torturous? Let us know in the comments below.

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