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Things That Did Not Go Well As Planned

by Qunki Team | funny
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Finally Went Out And Bought A Selfie Stick


That's One Way To Get The Gals

Shed Some Common Sense On These People My Lord

Won't Be So Funny When They'll Cry All Night

Yeah Man How's That Dough Comin?

Designer's Nightmare

Yam Gnorm

This Panoramic Mess!!

That's Where We Leave You Doggo

Mine Mine Min

Men During Winters...

"Let's Get A Photo Of You Feeding Pigeons!"

They've Surely Come A Long Way

Consider It Done

Let Go Of The Baby Maker

Me N Mah New Leggings, That "Photoshop"

Life Is Sad

You Had One Job!

How Confused Are You?

Lots Of Things Went Wrong Here. LMFAO....For Starters- The Wig, Lord Help This Person.

The Addiction Is Real

A Lot Of Fish In The Sea

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