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Simple Arm Exercises To Say Goodbye To Your Flabby Arms

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > Simple Arm Exercises To Say Goodbye To Your Flabby Arms

There are many different body types with all the people populating the earth. And everyone needs to do something about a particular part of their body to feel better about themselves. In this article, we have a few exercises for you to do to tighten flabby arms. So if you feel you have flabby arms, get off the couch and get with these exercises!

1 Arm Jumping Jacks

best exercise for flabby arms upper arms workout for women

Getting full body movement is a great way to tighten many areas at once with one exercise! These are jumping jacks, but with a small twist. They are not your typical gym teacher type of jumping jacks, while you jump into the air, just cross your arms and legs and repeat for a few rounds.

2 The Push-up

simple arm exercises to stop flabby arms flabby arms after 50

This exercise, is one that uses your entire body as well, but also puts a lot of weight onto your arms to make them work extra hard. To do the perfect push-up, you need to keep your back perfectly straight with your shoulders directly over your hands while keeping your abdomen and chest muscles tight while you perform at least 2 or three sets 20 push ups. This tones around your shoulders, chest and of course, your upper arms.

3 Triceps Kickbacks

exercises flabby arms older women how to firm flabby arms how to fix flabby arms

As you see in the picture below, you part your feet like so, put one hand on your knee to help you position your upper body perfectly, then using a dumbbell to a weight you are able to use as a part of this exercise and extend your arm backwards for about 20 times per set. And see if you can do 2 sets!

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4 Dips

arm wraps for flabby arms products for flabby arms flabby arms before and after

This is a fantastic workout not only for your arms but also those core muscles. Using a Pilates ball, rest your feet on the ball with your hands holding you up on a bench behind you. Then all you do is bend your arms slightly as if you are dipping down with the ball.

5 Cardio

flabby arm exercises for women printable exercises for flabby arms

No matter how much strength exercises you do, cardiovascular training is always must. Jogging, speed walking or jumping rope, any of them are great for getting the heart rate up to burn some extra calories.

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