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Things You Should Know About Her Body

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Some guys or gals out there may not be very familiar with a girls body or know some important facts that might aid or prevent you from getting laid. So read on and educate yourself and you might find yourself in a happy relationship soon.

1 Breasts that are uneven


The rule of thumb with the world is that one breast is always slightly bigger than the other one. Even if it is only a very slight amount. So never be obviously shocked the first time you see your girls breasts, and they are uneven.

2 Endurance


Unlike mean, women can orgasm a few times within a few minutes. So the best thing for a guy to do to impress a girl is power through to please her so that she doesnt have to wait for a few minutes after all that tension for you to recover after your moment of intense pleasure.

3 The Stretching


Every woman deals with age and its drawbacks, one of the saddest ones being that by the time a woman hits 30, her downstairs is about four times bigger than when she went through puberty. So dont panic or make slutty accusations when you notice the difference.

4 Longer Life


Throughout history, women have always had the reputation to outlive men. The basic reason for this is the fact that they have stronger immune systems which come with the ability of child baring. So for the sake of love and happiness, dont do typical stupid guy stuff that will shorten your lifespan.

5 Smell


Women have a very keen sense of smell, so be wary when it comes to your hygiene! Also, they can smell your pheromones when you want to get jiggy with it.

6 In the Summer time


You might not believe this, but you would expect winter to be the time women would want to cuddle as much as possible, but apparently not. Because summer is when they want more sex than usual.

7 Bloating


Be nice to your girl when she is on that time of the month because Estragon is the cause of her bloatedness that makes her stomach bloat out. So no fat jokes and only cuddles!

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