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20 Times When People Caught Doing Weird Things In Public

by Qunki Team | funny
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It is very natural that hidden cameras or CCTVs are being installed in many public places nowadays. Many individuals do not like being watched in public places but in today’s world they cannot hide from hidden cameras or even the social media. Although it may not sound good but this is a fact that each and every individual is being watched at some point of time.

Given below are some funny and hilarious pictures of people who were being caught doing weird things in public:

1. The girl is this picture had simply no idea that she would be caught in the camera while scratching her butt in a hilarious manner.


2. The couple in this picture is caught in a very weird and wrong manner when the man is putting his hand inside the woman’s pants.


3. In this picture, the lady seems to be so exhausted that she sleeps inside the train premises without even caring about the cameras.


4. This picture really seems to be funny as the guy is reading a book by turning himself upside down in a very funny manner.


5. In this picture, the man has both his legs emerged inside the noodles on the plates in a very funny manner.


6. The woman in this picture was actually caught on the camera while she was standing in a very wrong manner.


7. This picture seems to be taken at a very wrong time because of which it seems like the girl caught something inside her pants.


8. In this picture, both the policeman and the woman is being caught in the camera at a very wrong time due to which the whole scene looks baffled up.


9. The man here in this picture is simply having his lunch but what makes the picture hilarious is that he is having his lunch at the train.


10. No one really knows why the man in this picture was trying to put such a long plank inside the small car.


11. The couple in this picture is looking really weird because the guy is working on his laptop while sitting on his girlfriend’s lap.


12. The two girls in this picture are just lying down but because the masked man is sitting nearby them, the whole picture seems to be hilarious and weird too.


13. The cyclist in this picture is wearing a funny mask while he is drinking too because of which the whole picture looks funny and hilarious.


14. The man in this picture is wearing a cat hat which has been caught in a very hilarious manner in the camera.


15. The woman in this picture has converted the train premises into a kitchen by bringing her chopping board items along with her.


16. The man in this picture seems to be doing a workout session inside the train premises.


17. The guy in this picture created his own hammock in order to have a great nap at the train premises.


18. The man in this picture is very funnily dressed and this whole phenomena has been caught in the camera in such a way that it seems like he is trying to make some connection with the cosmos.


19. The man in this picture seems like he has not slept for days because of which he is taking his little nap on the floor itself.


20. The woman is having the turkey on the train premises itself in the picture while the other people are looking at her in a weird manner.


So, these are some of the pictures where people were being caught in public places in a really weird and hilarious manner. As it is known that nowadays every place is under the surveillance of cameras, so it is the responsibility of the individuals themselves in order to avoid being caught in awkward situations.

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