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Sad Last Texts Of People Right Before Tragic Moments

by Qunki Team | funny
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These are the last messages sent by a person to their loved ones before their death. If you are sensitive to these, its probably better that you dont read them because they are all so tragic.

1 There is still love

It is clear from their texts that they still love each other a lot, but due to certain circumstances, they couldnt continue to bein a relationship.

2 Grandmas last comment

Her grandma wasnt very fond of Facebook, still she used to comment on all of her granddaughters status updates. The picture below shows her last comment.

3 We all feel sad

This text shows how stressful life can be. Unfortunately, she didnt reply after that message.

4 Break up

Breakups are always disheartening, but this text shows how awful break ups can be.

5 The last goodnight

The friend had a seizure and died during his sleep. His friend couldnt even tell him a proper goodbye.

6 Drunk driver

Driving in a drunken state is always dangerous. This guy decided to drive home while drunk and unfortunately met with an accident.

7 I will just leave you alone

This is definitely one of the rudest ways of responding to a persons message.

8 Caught cheating

This is probably the best response one can send to a friend if he or she finds out her partner cheating on them.

9 Overdose

The messages clearly show how much they love each other, but unfortunately shortly after sending these messages, he passed away due to overdose.

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