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16 Reasons my Childhood was a Lie

by Qunki Team | funny
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Childhood is always a lie, when we grow up we find that tooth fairies, elves, and other mythical creatures don’t exist. They are just made up by adults to scare the shit out of kids or teach them a lesson.

1. What was I eating the whole time?

2. Really do you think the blind can see?

3. Yes blame it on the Kelvinators ad on TV.

4. Human lie detector.

5. Sci-fi gone wrong.

6. That is a toilet cleaner for sure.

7. Junk is not good for you ever.

8. The Christmas tree needs to stand in one piece for the festival.

9. Chickens have scales, literally!

10. Keep your hands off the goods.

11. Only rich people can afford burgers.

12. We never want them to play alone in the park.

13. When parents lie through their teeth and eat all the candy.

14. The bear left some of his eggs in your basket.

15. You don’t need an ice-cream in this cold weather.

16. When Santa wants to party hard after a long day of work.

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