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13 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Periods

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Periods are one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. Every woman on this planet has to deal with it. While reducing the emotional swings isn't possible, you should avoid certain stuff to reduce the pain you are going through. Take a look at the top 13 things that one shouldn't do during periods.

1 Cook

Things You Should Never Do During Your Period

Emotional attacks are a common phenomenon during periods. Hence it is advised not to go near the kitchen when you are on periods. How can you be sure that you won't have an emotional attack when you are handling something dangerous like a knife? Always stay safe.

2 Using Phones

Things Women Shouldn't Do On Their Periods

During periods, we feel alone, and hence there is a chance that we once again start missing our ex-boyfriends. Hence, if we are using phones, then we might be tempted to call them and ask them to take us back. Don't ever do that. However, you will not have control during periods to prevent such an incident. Hence it's always advised keeping the phones away.

3 Any exercise

Things You Never Knew About Your Period

You might feel that you have gained more weight during periods. That's not true at all; you feel bloated during times which will subside gradually as the periods are over. Hence, there is no need to exercise during this period, since there is a high chance that your gym clothes will be ruined. So save yourself from the trouble of buying a new one.

4 Watch Rom Coms

Things You Didn't Know About Periods And Menstruation

Watching romantic comedies during periods is one of the worst decisions one can ever make. It is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, you will feel sorry for having broken up with your ex if you are single, and if you in a relationship, then you will start missing your single life. Hence, it's best if you ignore those altogether. Remember, none of the rom-com movies happen in real life, they are just movies after all.

5 Eat a lot of chocolate

Things You should never do during Menstruation

I am sure that you have heard the myth that eating tons of chocolate during periods can help you manage your emotional swings. This is completely false. You can also indulge in a few delicacies, but don't cross the limit. Remember too much chocolate will make you fat.

6 Arguments

Don't do these things when you're on your period

Arguments during periods mean that a disaster is going to happen. You won't have any control over what you are saying, and you are probably going to regret this decision later. Just try not to start any arguments while you are on periods.

7 Get out of bed

Foods You Shouldn't Eat While on Your Period

Is getting out of bed even worth it? You will feel miserable. Just keep on sleeping. Don't move too much and just wait till the periods are over.

8 Shower

menstrual periods

You know that taking a shower will make you feel miserable, so why bother taking one? Instead just take a bath and relax.

9 Housework

what things should be avoided during periods

Dont try to do any housework as well during this time. Remember, you can always do housework later. Trying to force you to do this stuff will only make you miserable. Do it when you feel better. Just relax for now.

10 Eat junk food

important things to avoid during periods

To be honest, you probably aren't leaving your house, so chances of eating junk or fast food will be reduced anyway. Try to stay away from fried food, and stick to homemade food during periods.

11 Run

things to avoid during menstrual periods

Running during periods is a disaster waiting to happen. You won't experience any benefits at all; instead, you will feel more miserable. Instead just walk when you need to instead of running.

12 Sit

things to avoid during menstruation period

Lying down is better than sitting, so try to avoid sitting. Lie down on your sofa to watch TV, or lie down on a bed.

13 Think

things to avoid during menstrual cramps

You know that your body is already going through so much pain, why increase its pain by including the brain as well? By thinking, we aren't referring to simple maths and stuff. Obviously, you can do those. But just don't try something too much complex.

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