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25 Useful Features Of Things You Use Everyday That Will Make Life Easier

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind things you use every day? What are the unique features they may have that go unnoticed in their normal use? Or that “I never thought it could be used this way too” exclamation? Well, get ready to have it now as you’re about to know many of the useful hidden features in things you’ve used all your life, but never realized they could be used in this way too. For example, did you have even the slightest idea that milk acts as a good agent to remove blood stains? Yes! Blood stains come out when soaked in milk. Or that all the satellites face the same direction? This can come handy in case you’re lost in a big city. Here’s one you’ll be more amazed about- remember the armrest on the aisle seat in the airplanes which never seems to come off? Well, it does. There's a button beneath the armrest that facilitates the same. Didn't know this, right? Well, read on to find 25 more of such features on everyday things that you didn't know existed.


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