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Wome Reveal Their Experience About Breaking Girl Code

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Whenever something bad happens, we all try to stay as strong as possible. But a lot of people among us are very sensitive to emotions. Girls easily get hurt especially when they break a relationship with someone. It takes a lot of time for them to cope up and carry on with their normal life. However, the unbreakable ones answer back and if we focus properly, we will get to know that such things happen for a reason.

Tit for tat.

My now ex-best friend stole my boyfriend, so I stole her brother. She broke the girl code first so SCREW IT.


I broke girl code, dated my best friends ex(who was also my friend) and got cheated on. If thats not Karma, idk what is.

It feels awful.

I had sex with my best friends ex bf. I broke girl code and feel terrible.

One and done.

The worst thing Ive ever done is break girl code when I dated my best friends ex. Never again.


My best friend had a crush on this boy but she told me she didnt like him anymore so I started dating him. Now shes mad at me because I broke girl code.

Serves her right.

My now ex-best friend stole my boyfriend so I stole her brother. She broke the girl code first so I dont even care.


I slept with my best friends ex. Broke the girl code. Dont even care. One of the best lays ever.


I had sex with my ex fwb which made me forget why I wanted to take a break. I broke girl code though.

Why bother?

I lost my two best friends because I broke girl code. I dont think a friendship should revolve around a code that wont matter in a few years.

Major regret.

I broke girl code, now I want to freaking kill myself.

Not cool.

My best friend is dating somebody who broke my heart. Is that breaking girl code? I’ve talked to her about my concerns

The nerve.

This girl stole my friends bf then complained when my friend dated the ex she broke up with. Claimed it broke girl code. But she broke it stealing my other friends bf while they were still dating.

Definitely awkward.

My bff broke up with her bf. We became friends while they were together, and now he comes to me for help. I feel like Im breaking girl code by helping him out.

Oh no.

I broke girl code. I sleep with one of my besties ex boyfriend who she still loves. It was a mistake, and he wants to continue sleeping with me.


One of the girl code rules is not to go after your best friends ex, the one that broke her heart... and you still went after him.

The pain is real.

I feel like my sister broke the girl code a little bit. Not gonna lie, Im a little hurt by it.


My friend broke up with her boyfriend. It was mutual. He has a thing for me now but she called that girl code shit.


Im the worst best friend. I broke girl code and hooked up with my friends ex boyfriend.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I broke the girl code by accidentally dating one of my friends exes when I was younger. I might as well just leave the state to avoid that situation again.

It's complicated.

I lost a great friend  because  I got with a guy that used to like her. I broke the girl code and and I feel like an ass. But I love him so much
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