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Popular Celebrities Who has Native American Ancestors.

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Family is something that we all care about and the one without which we can't think of living a single day. Our family is only responsible for bringing the best out of us and are the only people who can teach us the basic principles of life. When a child is born into a family, he learns everything only from his family itself. However, ancestors are something we all talk about everytime. Ancestors are the reason why a particular family inherits a kind of habit or ritual from generations. Here are a few celebrities who claimed to have native American ancestors


Johnny Depp is loved by his fans and audience for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. He has said that his great grandmother was a Cherokee and that's the reason why 1/8th part of his skin is red in colour. This is the reason why he instantly said yes to his Native American character in "The Lone Ranger".


Chuck Norris had been on the headlines for the claim of being a Cherokee but unfortunately, his claims are based only on the news he had heard from some of his family members. His documents clearly state that his descendants were "White".


Jessica Alba has been a topic of questioning when she is asked about her ancestors. She did a DNA test in 2014 and it was revealed that around 70% of her genes were European and 22% were Native American. As a result, her claims of having American ancestors have been proved wrong.


Cher has been a very highly influential singer. Her popularity also bought a large amount of backlash against stereotypes. Her mother had confessed once that she had Cherokee blood with English, German and Irish elements. This has been an advantage for Cher as she has managed to gain the attention of her fans more easily.


Miley Cyrus has been on the headlines normally for her weird acts. It is a fact that all the elders of Miley are Cherokee and they claimed that Miley had Indian blood inside her which was completely against the authentic traditions. Miley does have a bit of American blood running inside her but that doesn't make her a member of th e Cherokee Tribe.


People got a lot of questions regarding the descendants of Jimi Hendrix after looking at his skin colour. However, his blood has been a mixture of both African as well as American. His paternal grandmother was quarterly Indian and since he died because of drugs overdose, this was used as a proof of his relation to the Cherokee.


Anthony Kiedis and his family had a long history of relocations as a result of which the answer about his real ancestors has been a question of debate. During the 20th century, his family shifted from Lithuania to America as a result of which the blood of Greek, English, French and Dutch got mixed inside them. He acquired tattoos with Indian theme to commemorate his American descendants.


Jessica Simpson has an Indian ancestry according to sources. It has been also known that she is half Native American and also has European genes inside her. Her family members had a mixed blood of Scottish, Swiss and German. She is of the opinion that her Indian attribute has helped her gain a large number of followers.


Karlie Kloss landed in some controversy for appearing in her ancestral outfit at the 17th annual show of Victoria's Secret in 2012. The e-mail of the company was full of complaints and a large number of Indian chieftains took it as an offence. This completely cleared the confusions regarding her family ancestors.


Tori Amos has been a very respected musician in the Hollywood industry. Her great-great-grandparents belonged to the Eastern Cherokee tribe. As a result of this, she ignored the rules of Christianity despite being born to a Methodist family. But its appreciative that she showed her faithfulness to her ancestors openly in front of everyone.


Carrie Underwood became famous in 2005 after winning the fourth season of American Idol. Her original ancestry is European but she also has a little link to the Muscogee Creek. Carrie claimed about her ancestry through the statements heard from her family members but that didn't prove her words properly.


Elvis Presley is a big star of the Hollywood industry and people are still unaware of the fact that he has a little of Indian blood running inside him. Most of his fans don't know that his great-great-grandmother belonged to the Cherokee tribe. However, Elvis is still familiar only with tribal music.


Megan Fox is known as the hot girl Mikaela Banes from Michael Bay's "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen". She has openly accepted her relation with the Cherokee Tribe. Some have presumed her to be from the Powhatan Tribe. Megan Fox has been seen wearing an Indian costume and playing naïve with the white overlords.


Angelina Jolie has truly done some memorable roles on the big screen. She claimed that she has an Iroquis connection as her mother belonged to the same. They were a Native American confederacy on the North-East regions of United States. Angelina has however failed to prove this point as there is no written document on account of this.


Jessica Biel has confessed that she belongs to the Choctaw and her ancestors were also from the same and these genes were brought by her mother. Her blood is a mixture of German, English, French and Irish.

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