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How to find the best wedding entertainment

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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The big day is all planned out, and everything you need is booked… except the wedding entertainment, and while you and your soon to be spouse might hope that your wedding is entertaining enough to stand on it’s own… it really won’t be. You need at least some type of wedding entertainment to keep your guests happy.

But finding the best ways to entertain your guests can be very frustrating, as you and your spouse might have different ideas of what entertainment means, and the entertainment that you want might not even fit your theme for your wedding. So what are some of the best wedding entertainment options that you can consider, and where do you find them?

Finding A Good Wedding Band

A good wedding band doesn’t just go on your finger, but it should also provide a lot of different types of songs and entertainment for your wedding. They can provide ambiance, make the first dance extremely memorable, and also can be interesting to listen to. A good wedding band is customizable and you can find the right type of band that will play some of your favorite songs.

If you want to find Live wedding bands online, you can look for various websites that can list out the different types of bands, their availability, the songs that they play, and other information about them. If you know that you want your band to play a certain type of song or songs from a certain band, then you can look for the bands that play songs from the bands or time periods that you want.

Get A Photo Booth

It might seem like a simple piece of entertainment, but a good photo booth can help everyone keep their memories of the event fresh and have some souvenirs to take home after the wedding is over. You can rent out photo booths from various companies and websites, either by the hour or for a flat fee. Some companies will even be able to come out and set up the photo booth before the wedding to make sure everything works out for you.

As long as you make sure that the photo booth is large enough, and that you have a great way to get the photos out of the booth and into your hands, it will be perfect for you!

Find A Way To Get A Bar

Nothing is more entertaining than having a bar with you whenever you have a wedding! After all, everyone is happy at a wedding and drinking might make them even happier.  Getting a professional bartender for your wedding can be a good idea, and you can find them on various websites for hire.

You should have one bartender for every 35 guests, and most bartender service pages will share what type of alcohol that they sell. You can hire your own bartender, or your venue might also have its own bartender that comes with the venue. Make sure to talk to the owner of the venue to see if you have a bartender or other staff on site for when your wedding happens.

A Dance Floor

This is one of the best pieces of entertainment for the wedding, and the best part is in order to find it you just need to have a clear space that people can move safely in whenever they start grooving to the music. Whether you want a place to have your first dance as a couple or want a place for everyone to show off their dance moves, you can very easily find a dance floor that can meet your needs!

Ask Your Married Friends About What They Did

Of course, if a piece of entertainment worked well for someone close to you, and you’ve seen it in action that their own wedding then don’t be afraid to ask your friends. They will be the best references for you and can let you know how the hiring process went and also how the wedding entertainment they hired worked for them behind the scenes.

Look Online For All Your Wedding Entertainment Needs

The best way to find the best wedding entertainment for your special day is to look online and see what’s available. A quick search in your favorite search engine and a look through some reviews can be enough to help you get the gist of how others feel about the entertainment you are hiring. Then you can be sure you are buying the best entertainment to make your big day amazing!

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