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People Reveal Why They Are 'Addicted To Cheating'

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Trust is something that requires a lot of time to get built up and takes just a few seconds to break. Since the most recent times, before even the start of the modernized period, a lot of relationships broke mainly because of the problem of cheating. It is a thing that unknowingly develops under someone. But there have also been a lot of people who say that they are addicted to this. A large number of them have said that somewhere their partner can't satisfy them. It's a truth that is revealed after a long time and this can easily force someone to cheat.

It's about experiencing something (or someone) new every time.

Im addicted to cheating. The thrill and joy of experimenting with other women.

You have needs that aren't being met.

Im addicted to sex, and I cant ever get enough from my gf... I hate cheating but love it at the same time

Can't stop, won't stop.

Im addicted to cheating. I like it so much. I should stop but I dont want to.

At least you admit it...

Im addicted to the rush of cheating. Its awful.

Nothing else compares.

Im addicted to cheating.I love it.Its the hottest sex.

No comparison.

Cheating sex is far and away the best..Im addicted

Sometimes it's a type.

At this point Im addicted to cheating on my gf with older women and men.


Ive been cheating on my girlfriend and Im addicted to it, the only way I think Ill stop is if I knew how it felt to be cheated on but I really dont think I want to ask her to do it.

Whoa there.

Im addicted to cheating. I told myself Id stop last week. This week, three new women. Fml

Honesty is the best policy.

Im addicted to cheating. But Im really trying to fix it so I can be loyal to her. Should I even tell her?

Simple as that.

Im addicted to cheating, my gf just cant satisfy me like other girls can, I have needs.

Just being honest...

Im addicted to cheating. She still stays with me and hopes Ill change but I dont think I will.

The temptation is too much.

Im addicted to the thrill of cheating and I cant help myself

Have your cake and eat it too.

Im addicted to sex, but I still get a boyfriend because I plan to get married one day.So I always end up cheating...

We all want what we can't have.

Im addicted to the forbidden. My husband lets me with one man that I love, but I love cheating on him with others.

To each their own.

Im addicted to cheating with fit older guys, mostly from my gym. Its awesome 😋

If only he did...

Im addicted to cheating with toned and fit guys. No, my husband doesnt know

No regrets here.

I have zero self control or remorse.Im addicted to cheating.

No kidding.

I can never last a month without cheating. I think Im addicted

There's a deeper issue here.

I keep cheating on my fiancé. Im addicted to sex too much. And I hate it.
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