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When The Predator Gets What He Deserved

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Fayetteville, North Carolina: A horrible incident occurred in North Carolina after a child molester named Robert Williams kidnapped Kimberly Walton, a 20-year-old woman, took her to his house and assaulted her.

Walton was returning home from a friend’s house this Sunday evening when Williams approached her. Williams asked if Walton needed a ride, and she replied in the negative. He drove off, but just as she went to the corner, Williams tied her and put her in his car.

The report stated that Williams took Walton to his home, and then assaulted her. After, that he drank a lot of alcohol and went to sleep. Walton untied herself somehow during that time, and then she tied Williams, and since she was furious, she took a knife and “castrated him.” Walton was screaming in immense pain when he woke up.

“I threw his junk in the microwave, took out a plate, and then a steak knife and cut it up,” said Walton. “Then I took a gun from the kitchen counter which belonged to Williams and then forced him to eat it keeping him at gunpoint. I don’t have any remorse, and I am not sorry. I would do the same thing again, and he completely deserved this for his actions. He is going to hell.”

Williams said that since he didn’t want to die, he accepted Walton’s disgusting requested. Williams was then taken to a local hospital, where he was bandaged and then transported to the Fayetteville County Jail.

Many are claiming that she is a hero, “Now, that pervert won’t be able to do the same thing to anyone else.”, said Donna who stays in the same neighborhood. “Every child molester should be molested so that no one ever has this problem.”

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