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5 Ways That Small Businesses Can Use YouTube To Further Their Growth

by Qunki Team | business
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As we are increasingly being engulfed in a digital world, videos have grown in importance from being just a mode of entertainment and re-living memories, to transitioning into one of the most substantial mediums for business communications.

YouTube, the pioneer of this video revolution, was started in 2005 and is the second most popular website in the world today. According to Statista, YouTube is expected to have 1.78 Billion users in 2020. No other website or platform (apart from Google search) provides this spectacular depth and reach to global audiences.

Small businesses suffer the most from not getting sufficient outreach for their products and services. YouTube brings huge business benefits to these small businesses by providing a scalable, free, and monetizable channel for advertising, communications, and collaboration using videos. This article talks about some of the different ways that they can use YouTube to expand, grow, and profit.

YouTube Channels

Did you know that more than 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute? Is your business taking advantage of this? The best way to start with YouTube is to create your business’s YouTube channel. This allows you to enhance your public presence by uploading product information, comments, reviews, and creating playlists, all by using videos, the most immersive form of content today.

Your business channel also helps drive traffic to your website, opening prospects to the complete range of products and services on offer. By uploading behind-the-scenes videos, demonstration videos, or virtual tours of your business, you can connect much better with your viewers. Your channel will help your business attract thousands of followers and subscribers.

As a small business owner, you can use YouTube to your full advantage by personalizing your channel to meet your customers’ needs and interests, while retaining your own branding experience.

Uploading Customer Testimonial Videos

For ages, customer testimonials have been extremely popular in providing a positive opinion of your products and services to others. Video testimonials take it to the next level. Today, everyone wants to research before making a buying decision. It does not matter whether you are selling cakes or repairing automobiles. Video testimonials give an honest and personal opinion to allow prospects to hear from the horse’s mouth why they should choose you!

Video Advertising

YouTube provides one of the cheapest platforms for video advertising amongst all social media platforms. By using well-made videos and judicious targeting mechanisms, the breadth of relevant demographics that you can capture is unparalleled. Interstitial ads, bumper ads, in-stream ads, or banner ads, there are a variety of formats to choose from to run video advertising campaigns. These videos can help improve brand recall, increase reach, and target multiple audiences.

Another interesting feature on YouTube is the ability to insert transcripts in different languages and utilize the same advertisement for multiple groups. Finally, by inserting call-to-actions (CTAs) in the duration of the video, you can direct the viewer to a specific page on your website, offer an exciting promotion or discount, or have them signup to receive your newsletter instantly.

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Improving Your SEO

With the lineage of the king of search - Google, search optimization is in YouTube’s DNA. You can attract your target market in several ways - by interest, demographics, remarketing, topics, trends, and a whole lot more. Video is the most searched content on Google. By using keywords relevant to your business, you can improve your search ranking and ensure that you stand out. This improves reach while lowering the cost of the video campaign for your business offerings. YouTube also allows A/B Testing for videos and real-time statistics on viewership, helping you optimize each campaign.

YouTube allows your videos to be embedded across multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. All businesses can complement their existing social media feeds with YouTube videos and create greater engagement with their viewers.

Product and Service Videos

Videos help add value to any business offering. DIY videos, troubleshooting, reviews, explainers, or informational videos, all help in engaging customers and prospects alike. By providing valuable and engaging content to your audience, you can build lifelong relationships with them


Prospects are most interested in videos that help them solve their problems instantly. By posting short video solutions for common problems, people are going to start looking up to your business as a trustworthy source of information. And creating trust goes a long way in the digital world. Successful businesses showcase their knowledge and expertise in various fields via videos posted on YouTube, associating themselves with credibility in people’s minds.


Consumers have reached a day and age, where it is important to ensure that they see consistent, high-quality videos from businesses. While there are several online tools to help create videos, InVideo provides one of the best YouTube video editors, helping create stunning high-quality videos, specifically for YouTube.

As our phones have become our de-facto connection to the world, the shift towards mobile-first viewing is inevitable. Accordingly, YouTube has also put mobile-friendly videos on top of their search. For small businesses, this represents a great opportunity to be seen and heard, to stand out above the crowded digital media ecosystem.

You don’t have to be a movie director to create zippy fashionable videos, neither do you have to pay exorbitant prices to a video studio. All you need is a great idea and a friendly video editing platform. By using software like InVideo’s video editor, you can create video ads, promo videos, DIY videos, or even an mp3 YouTube convertor.

With the easy availability of high-quality hardware (cameras, computers, and mobile devices) and tools (video capture, creation, and editing software), creating great videos is the easy part. Being able to fully utilize a video display platform is the tricky part. By posting videos on YouTube, your business is creating a whole new channel to communicate, engage with minimal technical skills and modest budgets. Keeping expectations grounded is important. While trying to garner a million views is an unrealistic goal, small businesses should use YouTube as a foundation to build their digital presence, increase the audience, and expand their brand

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