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Dating A Girl: Expectation Vs Reality

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Each and every guy in this world has countless number of expectations in his mind we want to get rich as fast as possible, live in huge mansions, own luxurious cars and on top of that date the sexiest and cutest girl. However, reality is quite different than expectations.

However, looks can be deceiving at times, so dont just date a girl based on her looks alone. Reality is far more different than you can imagine. Here, the article shows some of the top things you need to be aware of while dating a girl.

1 Trying to make a bubble gum.

2 Only works in movies

Reality is different than movies.

3 Playing video games

Most girls nowadays arent interested in playing video games. That being said, some girls do play video games and are surprisingly quite good as well.

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4 Trying to wear nail polish

Ask your girlfriend next time about nail polishes and you will understand what it feels like!

5 Wearing sunglasses

You have to admit that girls always look cute when they wear sunglasses.

6 When drunk

Well, you cant expect everyone to be Angelina Jolie.

7 When girls have sleepovers

Yeah, girls can be nerds too at times.

8 Long hair

One expects dating a girl with long hair is probably the best experience ever, but the reality is quite different.

9 When she is laughing

And this is the main reason why you shouldnt just date a girl based on her smile on Facebook!

10 Sleeping

Its difficult to accept this harsh reality but there is no other option.

11 Pouting

This is an art, and everyone cant do it.

12 Girls while partying

You probably wont be attending a party any time soon after this nightmare.

13 Fashion with sprinkles

Sprinkles wont work on everyone.

14 Colouring your hair

It really isnt as easy as is shown on the television.

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